Thursday, March 19, 2009


I teach business processes and systems classes and I constantly tell my students that it does not matter how elegant the system, if what is input is garbage, the output will be garbage. Garbage In Garbage Out.

Tuesday night we partook in some revelry that included green beers and green shots, lots of karaoke, and then TACO BELL. Yikes. For those of you Weight Watchers familiar, that was every. single. weekly. point. Then yesterday I went for a run and it sucked. bad. I am on Week 6 Day 2 of Couch to 5K, which is run 1 mile, walk 1/4 mile, then run another mile. I got to the halfway point of the second mile and that was it. I was toast. I felt horribly dehydrated, nauseous, awful. I deserved it. GIGO, right?

I spent the rest of yesterday on a healthy mission, ate healthy food, drank lots of water, got good rest, and this morning got back out to the park to run. I was already working on this post in my head...after treating my body so well (for one day) I was going to be a jogging machine.

It is really pretty dumb that I thought that since I wasn't a jogging machine BEFORE. I did get through the workout, but it was s---l---0---w goings. I guess I am not quite as ready to switch to half marathon training as I thought. Stupid Biggest Loser.


wafelenbak said...

Isn't it funny how often we forget the GIGO concept? I actually feel worlds better when I eat well, but somehow manage to forget that when pizza is in front of me. :)
A year ago I couldn't run for 30 minutes straight and now I can sometimes do a 5K just for fun (and, at times, have super sucktacular runs for no clear reason). A year from now you will read this blog entry and laugh at the fact you didn't consider yourself a jogging machine, I promise!

Anonymous said...

Running a mile then walking then running again sounds HARD. I'm not sure once I started walking if I could run again.

I bought a pedometer, it is kinda sucky...would you recommend that Nike Plus thing you have? Do I have to get on my computer to use it?


Amy said...

Still.... you ran 1.5 miles. That's great!

DAVs said...

Yeah, the GIGO kind of works with reproductive stuff too. Only we IFers don't like to hear that! :) We want someone who can fix our crappity eggs, and they think they're God there.
I used to do some run/walk combos all the time. It's tough. Intervals are the best way to lose weight though. Did I mention I gave up running approximately 5 weeks ago? Weird, I've been a runner for so long, minus a few two week waits here and there, and now, poof, stopped. I'm just doing the elliptical and running stairs now. I guess it was time for a change.
Keep up the good work!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Totally have a post in my head about stupid biggest loser. All I have to say is hooray green beer!

Jen L. said...

GIGO. A good one to remember. Glad you hopped back on the wagon quickly, though!

Alice said...

oh man, i REALLY need to think about GIGO more. about my own body. GIGO GIGO GIGO. get it through your head, self!!

Paul said...

You don't get to use WW as an excuse to kick yourself.

Keep moving.

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