Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I thought I was four degrees from DINOSAURS

Astarte made a comment about Mr. P meeting Sam Shepard,...she mentioned how she has liked Sam Shepard since he was in Jurassic Park. I didn't realize he was in Jurassic Park and told Mr. P how excited I was to be 4 degrees from dinosaurs (dinosaurs - Sam - Mr. P - me).

Mr. P looked at me all funny and said, "Sam Shepard was not in Jurassic Park, that was Sam Neill. Plus, I met Sam Elliot."

mmm. oh. my bad. (in my defense he SAID Sam Shepard). I think.

Anyways, Mr. P also met Hal Moore of We are Solders (played by Mel Gibson), Basil Plumley, also of We are Soldiers (played by Sam Elliot) AND Theodore Roosevelt IV (great grandson of Theodore Roosevelt). All these dudes were at the grand opening of the big project Mr. P has been working on for three years.

So instead of being four degrees from dinosaurs, I am five degrees from cartoon Pocahontas (cartoon Pocahontas - Mel Gibson (cartoon John Smith) - Hal Moore - Mr. P - me) and only four degrees from The Hulk (The Hulk - Sam Elliot - Mr. P - me). sweet.

oh yeah. American History. I am pleased to report that my brother-in-law is at most 5 degrees from his very favorite president (wt - Mr. P - Teddy IV - Teddy Jr. - Teddy). He may already have established his own linkage, but just in case.


creative kerfuffle said...

omg--sam elliot! HAWT. so, you are 3 degrees from cher (mr. p-sam elliot-cher {they were in mask together}) and eric stoltz! how coolio.

tara said...

Mmmmm Sam Elliot is way way way better than Sam Shepard. I have had a crush on Sam Elliot since I was a little girl. Something about that surly confidence and just hard core cowboy about him that still makes my toes curl, even now that he is really too old for me to be thinking naughty things about him. Truly, he has always been in my top five sexiest men.

Fatinah said...

that sam story is too funny.

Reminds me of that scene from Notting Hill with the shop clerk saying he either saw Topal or Ringo Star and Hugh Grant says they look nothing alike...so you could have seen anyone!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Sam Shepard or Sam Neill are. I will have to google them. I'll let WT know about his connection to TR, I'm sure he'll be excited.

HopeFool said...

I love the degree game!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I am pathetic. I don't know who any of them are. I'll just take my loser self back to the rock I've been living under.

Jen L. said...

Sam Elliot is awesome. My husband has a man-crush on him.

Do blog friends count in your game? If so, you are 2 degrees from Prince Humperdink in The Princess Bride:
Chris Sarandon - Me - You!
(I did a show with him in NYC and claimed him as my show boyfriend.)

Alice said...

omg i can NEVER keep those Sams straight. you know how people say you're racist if you think all asian people or all black people etc look alike? i'm racist against MEN, because i apparently think all dudes look alike, especially in movies ;-)

grace said...

I knew about Tara's Sam Elliot crush, but it still makes me giggle whenever she mentions it. I mean, he's not unattractive, it's just so unexpected for some reason!

I saw Willem Dafoe once. I would say "met", but he went through the checkout line next to the one I was cashiering at, so I didn't really meet him. I just smiled at him. My friend met him, and said he was very gracious.

I've also met Ray Lamontagne. Funny connection, but perhaps not appropriate for public comment...

kathi said...

The story got way better when it turned out to be Sam Elliot instead of any of those other Sams!

Astarte said...

Hey, I'm glad I could share in your internet embarrassment! :) Neill, Sheppard, whatever, they're all the same! :)

I met a lot of political people when I worked for some lobbying groups many moons ago, so you can count the Kennedys, the Clintons and a few others under your umbrella via me if you want!

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