Thursday, March 5, 2009

Please pay for all your yogurt.

Have you seen the commercial for the yogurt that is just so delicious the lady snarfles a whole container right on the dairy aisle? If you check out the teensie tinsie print, it says something along the lines of making sure you pay for all your yogurt. That makes me laugh. Every time. Interestingly, I have NO idea what kind of yogurt it is. Too bad advertising dudes.

That commercial came on and I got sidetracked from the real reason I was posting...I saw Mr. P at work today and it was really amazing. He is my goofball with a capital GOOF, but at his work, he is super impressive Architect Man. It was pretty hot, and I went and bought the ingredients to cook him one of his favorite dinners. I thought maybe we would do a little 50's style improv (with ME as the housewife).

Then the highschool kid got home and he got a letter that says he got ANOTHER scholarship. More duckets for the Potchery kiddo. So now, instead of just being the doting wife, I am adding loving mother to my repertoire for the evening. Maybe tomorrow my guys won't be so awesome and we can just get takeout and not do the dishes or the laundry.


HopeFool said...

ha ha. My husband is the same. Bumbling geek who falls up stairs and trips himself while seated but also travels the world dispensing advice to the Fortune 100.

Congrats on the scholarship.

Alice said...

ha!! I just saw that commercial and cracked up at the small print as well :-)

hope 50s night was fun! and WELL DONE highschool kiddo!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

That's awesome about the scholarship- you have a smarty party pants kiddo! And awesome about Mr. P. I'm all about the 50's style role playing. Didn't Mr. Cleaver bring June flowers and chocolates every once and awhile?

creative kerfuffle said...

sounds like a shiney happy people kinda night. yeah for the pothery's! however, even when i'm feeling most excellent i don't like the cooking june cleaver role : )

Mandy Lou said...

I know that commercial - but you're right, what is the brand?!

Revel in the awesomeness of the fam - nothing wrong with a night of awesome!

Jen said...

Sounds like good times all around.

Congrats to your son - must be one smart cookie!!

tara said...

I usually hear commercials more than actually seeing them, because I am usually crocheting when in front of the television. That commercial grosses me out, and it makes me mad that after she hoovers the yogurt she wipes he chin like a porn star. So I've never seen the fine print.

Congratulations on your impressively successful family. Sounds like all of you are pretty hot!

kilax said...

I think it's so funny when I can remember a funny part about a commercial, but NOT remember the product. That happens to me A LOT. (Except for that damn McD's fillet-o-fish commercial with the singing fish, arg, that is STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!)

Scholarships take a lot of work to obtain! Congrats!

DAVs said...

Congrats on the scholarship! What awesome kiddos you have :)

And that yogurt commercial--I haven't seen it but your description

Anonymous said...

I have never seen that commercial, but it sounds funny.

What a good day for the boys in your family. I hope they enjoyed their celebratory dinner!

Astarte said...

Go you! Those are some great guys in your house!!! Plus, also, less money for you to spend later!!!! YaY!

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