Monday, March 9, 2009

Fatty McFlufferbut

Today is the first time in over a month that I was dreading my fat test, technically I was still on plan for WeightWatchers, but...well, it was more form over function if you know what I mean. However, Mr. P and I did another 5K this weekend (42 minutes!!), and with my other workouts, my bod did not let me down...I scored 91.82%!*

I am almost just VERY GOOD at being fatty mc fat fat fat. However, my BMI is still kind of a drag since according to that I am still EXTREMELY obese, which is a special category of morbidly obese for those of you keeping score at home. I am looking forward to being just plain old obese. That word sucks ass by the way. I looked all that up last night while watching part of 1/2 Ton Mom on TLC, but she was breaking my heart with a BMI of 113 and I couldn't figure out at what point you get that heavy and I got all morose so I had to turn that off, and I couldn't watch House because I was sort of afraid of that commercial coming on again, so I had to watch Everybody Loves Raymond DVDs instead.

*I lost .6 pounds, but 1.82 pounds of FAT. So there you go.


kilax said...

What exactly is the fat test? I looked at the link, but couldn't figure it out. I see your number went WAY down. Awesome!

I don't know how to feel about BMI. For me to not be overweight, I need to get pretty skinny. I've been that skinny and people thought I was too skinny. I am torn over it.

Alice said...

HEE. i love that you couldn't watch tv in fear of a commerical ;-)

well done at sucking at being fat! :-)

Hotch Potchery said...

kilax: I started this journey on January 5 so I use that weight as me being PERFECT at being fat, so 100%. In essence my fat test is what proportion of my starting weight I am at now. I want to get to 62% eventually!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Congrats on your second 5k! That's awesome.

And 1.82 pounds of fat- WOOT WOOT! That is incredible. Really. I want to lose fat. I want to lose weight- zero change since Jan. which sucks, but I am happy to maintain too.

Can WW measure your fat/muscle percentage accurately? Don't just go off your BMI, but also fat/weight percentages, hip/waist ratio, fitness level, etc. (Think about football players- their BMIs put them in the obese category too). I have a good BMI, but not a good hip/waist ratio which is bad (more at risk for heart problems, cancer and diabetes). Just look at various measures, not just one.

You are almost a B+ at being fatty mcbutterpants. Keep it up! (And sorry for the long post).

Anonymous said...

I only lost .2 pounds last week but I am so BLOATED today so I'm hoping maybe I lost more....

Did you not stay on your diet last week?


Hotch Potchery said...

Tracy: I stayed within my points if that is what you mean, but not doing the "healthy guidelines" at all the latter part of the week. I am also kind of bloated, so counted it a victory that I didn't show a gain...I hope for a big loss next Monday.

Jen L. said...

Yay!!! I am feeling extra fatty mcbutterpantsy today, so maybe reading about you will make me get it in gear.

Can I send you a paper with your B+ on it when you get there, written in my official red teacher pen? :)

DAVs said...

You're doing great--congrats on the second 5K!
Just take it one day at a time, slow and steady wins the race.

creative kerfuffle said...

you are doing great! i can't wait for you to fail : ) he he he
and house was good--the patient had some problem that basically made him say everything he was really thinking instead of being nice. we really lol-ed several times over that.

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