Saturday, March 7, 2009

Extra! Extra!

When my EXTRA EXTRA LARGE Christmas Eve pajama pants did not fit, my decision to get healthier began, and at the beginning of the year, Mr. P and I set out on our new healthy, healthy, healthy lifestyle which consists of the following three prongs of health:

Healthy: Eating better food
Healthy: Getting fitter bodies
Heathy: Drinking less beer

I have felt Mr. P's resolve fading, so I asked him if he was over being healthy, healthy, healthy. His response? "I think that two healthies would be good." After chatting a bit more, less beer and more exercise are jiving well with him, but he is seriously jonesing for his fatty diet to be restored (read fast food three-ish times per week). What about you? Which healthy prong is (or would be) your toughest to stick with for the long haul?

Oh, and while on the topic of extra, how about Daylight Savings Time? While I have a funky internal clock that takes forever to get used to the time change, I am very happy we get extra light starting tomorrow. I know technically it isn't EXTRA light, but since I get up after 7:30 most days, sunshine at 6:30am is really a waste.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I'm with Mr. P. The eating thing kills me. I like to eat. Eat out and eat a lot. So we *try* to do mini resolutions like only 1 sweet per day or only eat out 2 times a week instead of 3. Otherwise I am completely unsuccessful and give up. Our Lent resolution- no eating out by ourselves at all- only with friends or family for occasions like a birthday, etc. It has been hard.

tara said...

It's always the exercise that goes out the window first with me. My diet is good, mainly because I cook a lot and am not at work enough hours to make me go to a fast food place for lunch. Getting my lazy butt away from the sofa though? Any excuse is a good one for me to be still.

But consider this. Fast food three or four times a week? If we call that forty dollars a week, in five years you could save $10,400! I know this, because that is what Gabe and I are doing to save for our 10th anniversary vacation. Maybe healthy + a super fabulous vacation might be worth it.

And I am right there with you on daylight savings time, though I think extending it so it happens this early was silly of the government.

DAVs said...

Well, since we don't drink that one is easy for us anyways. BUT, I do love to eat. And cook. And bake. AND EAT. What we've really been doing is just eating much much healthier regular meal food (all vegetarian, tons of vegetables, etc etc) but we still allow ourselves some pretty decadent desserts. Just wait til I post the pics of the chocolate croissants I made today. Oh man.

And I cannot believe daylight savings is happening tonight. Since I'm up at 5:40 am every morning it's back to driving to work in the pitch of night. Oh well. The extra sun in the afternoon will feel good.

Jenni said...

My husband can't do without his Mexican Fast Food. Me, I have a difficult time giving up my dessert; anything after dinner, I have to have something.

Alice said...

i gave up fast food fine, and i'm eating fairly healthy... but man. sweets, and carbs in general? i cannot give those up completely. but i feel like i've done a good job at modifying that prong considerably, so TRULY the one i have trouble with is the beer. slash wine slash sake slash whatever :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm OK with eating better and drinking less beer, but I seem to always drop the excercising is the part I dislike the most.

Do your Christmas pants fit yet?

Hotch Potchery said...

Anon: I wore the dastardly pants at your house!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is awesome...did we talk about that then?

kilax said...

For me, eating healthy and exercise have to go hand and hand. I love to exercise after I've eaten healthy all day. But if I don't? Then I don't want to exercise. I am usually able to stick with it though.

Neither my husband or I are into alcohol, so that isn't a big deal for us. That must be really hard to cut back on if you are used to having a beer or two a night though!

Jen L. said...

I stopped drinking completely while pregnant and nursing and then never really got back into it, so that has been really easy to do without. (I say as I drink black coffee to scare away the dry beer headache I have from last night!) For me, though, I'm willing to exercise twice as much so I can indulge in foods I love sometimes. Maybe it's the southerner in me, because I absolutely cannot go a whole week without some sort of fried pork product (usually Jimmy Dean sausage) and sweet tea. I'm a relatively healthy eater overall, but I have to have my favorites when I want them. And I love Ruffles.

Jen L. said...

PS: If I had balls, the time change would suck them. Especially given what they do to my child's sleep schedule. Dear. God.

creative kerfuffle said...

i think if i could get off my ass and exercise the eating wouldn't be as big of a problem. i love to eat and to eat out but it's the exercise that kills me (well, right now the lack thereof).

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