Thursday, January 8, 2009

Road Trip BABY.

Later this morning, Mr. P and I are heading to Charleston, SC for 4 days (and 3 nights). Do you ever notice on game shows they always say that type of thing...trip to Hawaii for 7 days and 6 nights...when everyone KNOWS you don't count that last day as vacation because you have to go. home.

Anyway, I have work meetings every January (and sometimes in August), and as long as I agree to do some work while I am there, I get all my expenses paid for, and all we have to pay for Mr. P to join me is his airfare, if we are flying, and any of his food that I can't in good conscious claim is for me. I let him bunk with me in the hotel. So it is like a nearly free mini-vacay every January.

Last year we went to Redondo Beach, CA. Kind of a dud trip, with the exception of us spending oodles of time browsing through a Whole Foods. I kind of blame the duddiness on Mr. P quitting smoking on the day we left. Yeah. I know, great timing, huh? The year before that, we went to Savannah, GA, a definite A+ trip. We geocached, drank beer, climbed a lighthouse, went to a restaurant with lots of alligators and every table had it's own CAT.

Remember when Nilsa interviewed me? Anyway, she asked who have I lost touch with that I would want to be reunited with...I wrote about my BFF from freshman year in college. I found her. On Facebook. It is so nice to be back in touch. Well, finding her helped me find other friends from that school, and one lives in Charleston. We are having dinner Saturday night. I am excited to see her, sort of.

BUT I am totally dreading that initial "sighting" considering my 100 extra pounds of weight since then. I was at my tiniest when I was a freshman, and am at my largest now. (Technically I was at my biggest last Monday.) ugh. My instinct is to blow her off, so I don't have to deal. I really hope I don't do that.

So I am ending my first healthier lifestyle week on said roadtrip. Mr. P and I had a good discussion last night about places we could go and have tasty food, without "ruining" the hard work I put in already this week. Does anyone else equate eating with vacation or is that just me?


creative kerfuffle said...

that kicks ass that you get "vacays" like that. srsly. i had a work conf. in savannah this march and i really dug savannah. we went on a walking ghost tour of the city--freaked me the hell out. we stayed in a hotel right across the river and ferried over to the city to bar hop, i mean sight see : )
and i totally equate vacations with yummy unhealthy food but i should probably get out of that habit. i've heard charleston is awesome! that's cool about finding your friends on facebook AND going to dinner w/ them. good for you!
ok wordify is mileasc--like mile a south carolina. freaky!

tara said...

I totally equate eating and vacation. Of course, for me food is involved in just about everything, so my opinion may not count.

Here's a fun trick for vacation eating. We all know that the restaurants give us about three times the portion we need, right? So ask for an empty plate. As soon as you get your food, cut it in half, or a third of it off, or whatever makes it look like a normal meal. Put the extra on the empty plate and set it to the side so the waiter will take it away and eat only what you have left on YOUR plate. Viola! Restaurant food that won't kill you!

I am also going to go on a little rant here, so bear with me. We have all seen Oprah this week. I think it is the most heartbreaking thing in the world that when she was onstage with Cher and Tina Turner all she could think about was her weight. I mean, that was the moment of a lifetime, even for Oprah! It was frigging CHER and TINA TURNER. You don't just get that every day. You don't just get asked all the time to sing frigging Proud Mary with frigging Tina Turner. And all she could think about was her weight. That is the saddest, most horrible thing I have ever heard.

Do you want to miss out on life because you are concerned about your weight? No. We were ALL at our tiniest when we were 18, and we are likely all at our largest now. So what? You are doing what you need to be doing. You are taking care of yourself. So don't you dare let the weight take away your Proud Mary moment, or I will find you and kick your ass. Got it? Good.

I have always been told that I would love Charleston, so I expect pictures and a full report when you get back! Have fun!!

Alice said...

vacation definitely = eating for me. it's a law, or something.

tara's idea about the restaurant portions is BRILLIANT, though. what an easy idea! that i never ever would have thought of on my own!

grace said...

I get the same sick feeling in my stomach about weight when I run into people from high school.

As if high school wasn't awful enough, it has to keep haunting us with it's small-buttedness, doesn't it?

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I was such a naysayer of the powers of Facebook ... but, when I hear stories like yours, it's hard to admit its value.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

How fun! I want to go on a vacay. And how generous of you to let Mr. P bunk with you. ;)

My vacay tip is to always split a plate of food. Then you both eat, but you can expense it out. The money you would've spent on another meal you can spend on drinks! Because I equate a vacay with being nicely buzzed most of the time.

Post photos!

Tracy said...

I definitely equate vacations and any kind of celebrating with LOTS of good food.

How is vacation healthy eating 2009 going?

Jen L. said...

Vacations are totally about food. And taking trial-sized things from hotel bathrooms.

Have a great time!

DAVs said...

I'm late to comment, but YES, vacation automatically equals good and exciting food, and usually too much of it! But we are usually more active on our trips (to NYC anyway, where we walk about 6-7 miles per day...yes, we've mapped it :) ) so maybe you can do some extra walking around and still allow yourself some treats.
I hope you have fun meeting your friend!

The Scale Whisperer said...

Happy Friday! Just checking on my fellow Team Lynn team member! Can't wait to get to know you better, and cheer you on to achieving your goals!


Mandy Lou said...

I love facebook for the exact same reason - I've managed to catch up with all sorts of people that I've been missing.

I hope that the vacation goes well, food and all. It will be tough, no doubt, but since you really want to do well I expect you will!

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