Monday, January 19, 2009

My new scale is kind of a bitch

Last Monday morning I had a weigh in problem in that my scale looked down a pound, but it was one I bought for maybe $8 and was the non-digital kind, so in other words, a crappy scale, and when I moved it to better light, I then weighed about 30lbs less. While I would have loved to believe that, I went with -1 pound and immediately ordered a new scale on Amazon.

So when I took my Fat Test this morning, I was still excellent at being fat, BUT not quite as nearly perfect as I was last week....I got a 97.08%. I feel confident that next week I might actually drop out of the A+ range.

Well, then, when ALL I asked of my new scale was to give me my weight, she took it upon herself to tell me what proportion of my body was FAT. 53.3%. What a bitch. I was all feeling giddy over my 7 pounds* lost, and then she has to RUIN it with her damn Fat%. Then, then, after that...she gets all cocky and shows me my BMI, a hefty, nearly dead person's at 45.71. So while I was feeling all fit and trim, reality bites my apparently very, very, very fat ass, and I realize...mmm. I still have quite a ways to go.

Being the accountant that I am, I added a few columns to my weight tracking spreadsheet, and being the new healthier, better attitude person that I am, I decided...hell, now I have more shit to track and see how much fat pounds I lose, how much my BMI goes down, blah blah blah. Jackass scale.

In other news related to the healthy, healthy, healthy us, Mr. P, the kid in college and I are going to participate in a 10K in three weeks. For all of my non-metrically inclined friends that is 6.2 MILES. I guess I should get my 53.3% fat ass up off this couch and get to training...that is FAR.

*This number won't correspond with my Biggest Loser number because I had just reported the pound I lost last week, forgetting that we should have reported two weeks worth of weigh-ins. Bottom line, weight and pounds lost will be correct from here forward.


Jen L. said...

Way to go! You are well on your way to failure. :)
Woo hoo, 10K! I would fall over dead on the side of the road. That is great that you're doing it as a family.
Keep on keeping on!

tara said...

that scale is a tramp.

But congrats! You are doing a great job!

Amy said...

Super Awesome job! The great news is you're losing... and keeping track of all those numbers is just going to continue to prove it. You're on the right track!

And yes, your scale... so trampy.

Caroline said...

OK, so the extra numbers on the scale might stink (I certainly wouldn't want to know *my* percentages, but FitDay will tell me my BMI if I look). It does give you more to shoot for, though - watching *all* the numbers get smaller!

Good luck with the 10K! I could easily WALK a 5K right now (if it weren't so darn cold out) but there's no way I could RUN anything, and certainly not 6.2 miles. You're a very brave person, and that's something your scale won't tell you.

Loved the little crabby emoticon! How did you make that one? (This from the person who admits my current favorite T-shirt says, "Does this shirt make me look GRUMPY?")

Tracy said...

7 lbs is Awesome! I'm suprised that you lost a point with losing that much.

Fatinah said...

awesome that you're doing a 10k!! WooHoo!!

Astarte said...

Well, I love that you came to my blog, and I love your blog, too!

I have an indecisive scale, too - depending on where I put it on the floor it weighs different. You scale, however, is MEAN.

Running gives me two black eyes. I'm trying, but it's not pretty. You are like a running queen to me.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Yeah. I don't need a scale talking back to me like that. But hooray on the weight loss and 10K! That is awesome!

Mandy Lou said...

All you have to do is get the weight read out then run away - really fast so that you don't have to hear the rest of it. And just think, a few extra calories burned as you run from the evil bitchy scale!

ben's mom on a diet said...

Oh man, why do scales have to be such bitches? Congrats on your awesome loss!

creative kerfuffle said...

i think it's funny that your scale is female. and frankly, she is a bitch for saying those things to you. i mean hell, even a bff wouldn't tell you all of that. i'd hate to have a scale like that because i'm sure i'd get on and she'd be all screaming,'t.breath.oh and your bmi is huge and get off!

grace said...

The BMI number moves more quickly than you expect, I promise! Even with a couple pounds gone, you'll see the BMI number move at least a little, so it's actually another good motivation. Good luck!

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