Thursday, January 15, 2009

cats at the post office

So as part of our polite conversation the other night Mr. P told me a story about a cat named Sammy.

Sammy lives in a VERY small town next to the small town that I live in, and he lives at the Post Office. Apparently he has lived there for a long time, and all the residents of said small town enjoying seeing him asleep on a table at the Post Office when they go in to get their mail, as would I.

Well, someone did not like Sammy at the Post Office and complained that it was a federal building, and Sammy did not pay federal taxes so he should not be allowed inside so Sammy got banned. The sign even said, "Sammy (The Post Office Cat)" is not allowed inside the post office.

Well, some of the locals got some cash together, called a press conference with a television station from the state capital, and got Sammy a post office box. Now, since he has a box he is a customer, and is allowed back in the post office.

I KNOW, right? That is a great "cat triumphs in the face of post office discrimination" story. Can't get enough of those.

So, I googled it to get a picture of said Sammy, and there is MORE to the story. Apparently now Sammy is getting postcards, letters and packages from all over, including Australia! However, said someone now has written a complaint that he/she is highly allergic to cats, so Sammy has been banned yet again. DAMN.

In my brain I think I get that people should come before cats in the postal setting. But, really, I am on the cat's side, perhaps to the point of irrationality. First if "the cat banner" was really allergic, why the first letter that the cat doesn't pay taxes? Second, if I had a post office box and there was another customer that wore a perfume I was allergic to, or who wore a wool sweater I was allergic to and might touch accidentally, or who was just very ugly and I didn't like to look at, I could not just get them banned due to my potential discomfort.

Isn't this situation exactly why God invented epi-pens?

*PS This post is not intended to make light of any one's serious allergies. I just believe said "cat banner" is full of shit since the cat has lived there for ages and not ONCE have I read in the paper about someone succumbing to allergies at the post office.


Anonymous said...

Cats are still allowed on airplanes on most airlines too . . .

As someone with cat allergies myself, I still can't imagine the pettyness of people who would take the time out of their day to complain about a cat, when there are so many more SERIOUS issues going on in the world that deserve our time and attention!

DAVs said...

Now THIS is a good one. I, too, will root for the cat in this situation. Allergies suck, but really, how much time are you in the post office? And just don't go picking up Sammy or petting him. Geez. People need to get a life if all they can do is complain about a cat living at a post office.

Thanks for making me smile!

Caroline said...

I think some ridiculous individual just hates cats. These are the same people who run stop signs and red lights (because their time is more valuable than everyone else's) and try to ban Christmas displays. They're at their most delightful :gag: when they're causing some kind of trouble somewhere. Losers!

Let the cat back in.

tara said...

Not only would you have to be a cat hater, but a hater of all people on the planet who derive any joy out of anything.

And I thought I was a grump.

kathi said...

If Sammy lived there for many years, and there were no reports of severe asthma attacks and no reports of anyone dying of anaphylactic shock, it sure does seem like the cat is being railroaded. I have allergies myself but this sounds like a set-up. And and and! A public building like a post office most certainly has had service animals such as assistance dogs in it at some point. Again, no anaphylactic shock incidents? Hmm.

Tracy said...

Now I feel sorry for the cat and I'm worried he is outside and cold. I hate that dumb whore with her stupid fake allergies.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Hey cat banner- take a Claritin and shut up already! Jeez. I am pro-cat on this issue. Does the cat banner not even step foot outside? Does she live in a cat-free zone? How ridiculous.

Alice said...

the allergy argument is CRAP. because you're right, they'd have to ban peanuts / guide dogs / people eating strawberries from every public space if that was the case. poor sammy. i'm worried about him outside now :-(

creative kerfuffle said...

of course i am totally on the cat's side here : ) i loved the part where sammy got his own PO box, i want to send him some cat treats! and i think the cat banner is a bitch.
sammy could totally be a star on icanhascheezburgers ; )

Jen L. said...

The cat banner sounds like a douche. There are a couple of cats that live outside our favorite cafe in town. When you sit on the porch, they come and brush against your legs. I'd be pissed if someone got them "banned." I would much rather them ban the early-20's woman who hangs on and stares at and inappropriately touches her 50-something boyfriend EVERY MORNING when I'm trying to get my coffee.

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