Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I don't think my "new lifestyle" is working.

So, I had my first "official" day back on WeightWatchers yesterday. I stayed within my points...for you non-WW'ers, points are a "simpler" way to count calories. I had calcium, I took my vitamin, I drank all my water. I went to the gym and walked for 51 minutes AND lifted 3500 pounds on the weight machine things.

Guess what?

When I woke up this morning...I was STILL fat.

I know, right? What the hell?

I will give it ONE more day. Tomorrow I better be back in my skinny jeans, and one of those shirts that doesn't have a back because I won't even need to wear a bra (that apparently I don't have enough of anyway), because not only will my new lifestyle...it is NOT a diet...make me thin, it will also make my breasts perky.

P.S. On the news just now, there was a spot that Mexican food helps prevent Breast Cancer. I mean, hey, that is important right? I am all about the cure, no matter how much Mexican food I have to eat.


creative kerfuffle said...

dude--if your lifestyle thing brings perky breasts i'm all over it. srsly. age, two kids and gravity have NOT been friendly to the girls. i hate when you wear certain bras and the headlights are all marty feldman eyes. pisses me off. i say protect them as much as you can, even if it means mexican food intake daily. your just being responsible.

Fatinah said...

your post made me laugh out loud!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

If Mexican food prevents breast cancer, the girls are good for life! At least you're trying the lifestyle, I have not gotten on the wagon yet. Maybe tomorrow. And I love your Nike+ girlie.

DAVs said...

Yeah, I always hate how after I've had a really hard workout and sweated profusely, I *feel* like I should be ten pounds less and then I catch sight of myself and am like "dude. did not work yet."
You'll get there!

And coolio on the Mexican food.

Tracy said...

I thought it would be easy to start for reals again, but DUDE after dinner last night I was still STARVING.

Marmite Breath said...

Oh my God, woman, I am dying here. You're so funny!

Swistle said...

This is so funny.

Mandy Lou said...

That is too funny - but srsly, if it works let me know 'cause I'm all about getting my 20 year-old ass back!

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