Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's call them "quirks"

So, do you have any odd rituals or habits that seem to rage on and on and on despite causing undo pain and suffering on your husband? Seemingly, I do.
  • I eat all "spoon" desserts with a plastic baby spoon. I bought a set of baby spoons right after Steamboat was born for, well Steamboat, but then I came to realize if you eat your dessert with a tiny spoon you get more bites and it lasts longer. I don't really care for the metal ones with the plastic coated tip, I like the all plastic multi-colored ones, and I never use one that "matches" my dessert. For example, I avoid yellow when I am eating banana cream pudding, and pink NEVER gets used with peppermint ice cream.
  • I like popcorn and gummy bears. Mixed together preferably.
  • I carry straws in my purse because I cannot drink anything with ice unless I use a straw. I have done this for so long, I don't even have the motor skills necessary to manage a drink with ice without sloshing it all over me. I buy straws in bulk at Sam's and this habit is so well known that when I was finishing up school and started interviewing, my sister made me a travel kit with tiny toiletries, and STRAWS.
  • I will NOT watch a movie, even one I have seen 100 times if I don't see the opening credits. However, I will watch any episode of Top Chef, from any point, and as many times in a row as Bravo provides.

These are the few "quirks" that have surfaced as spots of annoyance in the last couple of days. I personally think they are endearing qualities of a smart, quirky lady. Mr. P seems to think I might have a screw loose.

After re-reading my list, it seems I might. might, I say, have a weird issue with FOOD. huh. what do you know.

So what makes you a weirdo?


Jenni said...

Okay, my confession has to come after reading this post:
I not only use a baby spoon for desserts, but I actually have a baby spoon from when I was a baby (it's metal and has a mickey mouse handle) that I use. It was always in the drawer growing up and when I moved to this place, my mom gave it to me. No bowl of ice cream tastes the same without it.

I also must drink from straws when having a drink with ice in it.

I'll have to try the popcorn and gummy worms...that sounds good!

I can't help you with the movie things because most of the time the tv is on as background for me.

But, 3 out of 4? Either we're both odd or everyone else who DOESN'T doe these things are...I vote for the others. :)

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

i actually really LIKE the idea of a baby spoon!! i never thought of that!!

i totally agree with the movie thing..heck, i get cranky when we pay to go see a movie and i miss the previews!!!

but popcorn and gummy bears? never. I like my popcorn straight up with a shot of butter. Sigh..i do miss the butter!!


Astarte said...

I *hate* getting my hands wet. I hate washing my hands, doing laundry, and the dishwasher makes me cringe (especially loading wet, dirty dishes). I swear I was a cat in a previous life.

Bulge to Bump said...

I have a baby spoon too. Years ago one of my college roommates moved out and left one in our apartment (she didn't have kids at the time, so we are not the only ones who like baby spoons). I use it when I eat pudding. It makes me savor each little bite. My husband thinks it's weird too.

Tracy said...

Mmm I can't think of any weird quirks I have. I'm sure I have them but I just can't think of them.

I don't like sauces and I prefer to eat off of a cafeteria type tray. That's all I got.

Jen L. said...

I was just thinking about my weird quirks today! Coincidence? hmm...

If I eat something in our family room (which is downstairs), I immediately have to take the bowl or plate upstairs to the kitchen as soon as I'm finished. Same with empty coke cans. I just can't keep them around.

The hand towel in the bathroom must be hanging in the middle of the towel bar with the sides folded under. My husband wads it up and shoves it between the bar and the wall. ARGH!

I also can't have the baby spoons match the food. I don't eat from them, but I may start now since they seem to make everyone happy!(@jenni: I have that same Mickey Mouse spoon!!)

Great post, HP!

Ms. Gigglepuss said...

Wow, now you're making me think if I have any quirks! I'm with you on the straws...I just do not drink anything without them. Popcorn and gummy bears, jelly beans, or M&Ms are the bomb! If my fiance weren't annoying me with his snoring right now, I'd ask him and let you know if I do anything that annoys him :)

Espressomama said...

Gee, can I get my husband to write this comment?

My ability to watch re-runs of Biggest Loser, or any other weightloss show drives him NUTS!

I am not a fan of my food touching - drives my MIL nuts (not sure why)

I am addicted to Swedish Berries (at least it has become specific and is no longer a generic "gummy candy" addiction.

I do not like walnuts. MIL can't understand that, either. But, it keeps me from eating brownies and carrott cake.

BTW, both hubby and I have been known to use baby spoons for eating desserts - makes them last longer. Personally, I prefer the coated ones.

creative kerfuffle said...

i will have to give this some thought. i'm sure i HAVE quirks, but i'm not sure what they are. i wash my hands and/or use lotions. a.lot.

DAVs said...

Your quirks are cute.
I know I've got some, but the main one that comes to mind since yours involved spoons is I can.not.share.spoons. Not with Lee even, and I share a LOT with him. It just grosses me out for some reason. He was offended by it for the first ten years of our marriage and I think he's finally come to terms that it really isn't anything personal, just a quirk.

Valorie Leonard said...

Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

Swistle said...

I don't like the coated metal baby spoons either. I finally threw all of them out when I realized I ALWAYS reached for the all-plastic ones and had been doing so for at LEAST three children's worth of years.

...This is all just stalling as I try to think of a quirk with the right level of quirkiness: appealing, not TOO weird, yet still definitely quirky. Like, "I always worry I'm going to get shot through a window" sounds kind of...disturbing written down like that. Insufficiently cute.

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