Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Monday

This morning I took my test, and I scored a 95.91%. I feel like that is not an A+ anymore, just a plain, regular, albeit solid A. So while I am still quite good at being a fatty, I can honestly say that my fat skills are deteriorating.

Last week my scale was quite rude and told me my fat percentage without me even I decided to be proactive and added some columns to my spreadsheet. I used those columns this morning and while I lost 3.2lbs this week, I lost 4.33lbs of FAT. That is the math Mama likes to do.

Oh, and while on accomplishments, I got tagged as the 2nd Biggest Loser for my team last week on the Blog Edition of Biggest Loser! However, I feel like I need to clarify...while I have lost every pound that is on the Biggest Loser spreadsheet, the timing is a bit off. We reported our starting weights, which was December 29. Then our first 'weigh-in' was January 12, but I only reported the pounds lost from January 5 - January 12, so the two pounds from over New Year's got lost in the shuffle. So while I did have a big week and lost 7 pounds, the other 2 pounds were from the "warm-up" period.


DAVs said...

That is awesome news all around! And I love your super nerdy tracking/math reports :)

I think I'd like to add a 'mileage' tracker to my blog. It's a way to keep up. I grew up watching my dad diligently fill out his running diaries (he's an ex-marathon runner) and he still has ALL OF THEM. So he can look back and see all those miles he logged... so I think it's in my genes to need a tracker.

Tracy said...

Yay you! Boo me (I gained)!

Did you try the video yet?

Jen L. said...

Good job!!

Mickie said...

No matter the timing you are a LOSER and I love that you are on my team! Keep up the great work and thanks for your words of encouragement at my site.

creative kerfuffle said...

good job you loser! ; ) and you have mad math skillz (that's lolcat speak for you rock the math).

Alice said...

yay! well done, loser! :-) (hee, that feels so odd to say..)

what a rude scale. i'm glad it ended up being a beneficial column, in in the end!

chezjulie said...

Thanks, H.P.! I did get some sleep and am feeling better, but still overwhelmed about finishing the conference paper.

Seven pounds is an awesome loss. Enjoy your success and it will all even out in the end. You must have that healthy diet and exercise working, and that can be a lot to stay on top of, so well done.

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