Saturday, January 3, 2009

So, can we talk panties for a second?

oh. and bras, can't forget bras.

How many do you have? Do they match? When do you buy new?

I ask because I am down to two functional bras, and I use functional loosely. One is missing half of an underwire on the left, so I am slightly askew. On the underwear/panties/draws front I have lots of pairs, but none match my bras, and most are holiday themed. Ho Ho Ho and Snowman panties just don't seem to cut it year round.

I HATE spending money on underwear...due to my size I am stuck buying at a store for "big girls" and damn, my lady business is nice and all, but not gold for the love of cotton.

I do have a business trip coming up on Thursday, and usually I buy a new outfit for presentations (I have to give a BIG one on Friday), and so I figured maybe I should do the mature thing and throw away the tattered draws in favor of some new.

What is your ideal ratio, when considering both cost and laundry? You know, assuming I wouldn't wear a bra more than one day in a row, even if I just wore it to work and showered and didn't sweat. much.

Is a 1:1 ratio appropriate (bras to panties), even though that seems like too many bras to about 1:3?


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

4 bras and 8 panties. They do match.I have more panties, but don't wear them because they don't match. Hey, I'm an ER nurse and know most of the EMS so I don't want to be caught in non-matching stuff. I usually have more bras, but I am not in my regular bras. And if you've never been fitted before, at an actual lingerie place, it is worth going. You don't have to buy anything as their bras are crazy expensive, but you'll get your right size for a starting point (it
ll vary slightly by brand). Such a huge difference. Totally agree with Oprah on that one.

Jen L. said...

Will pee on self laughing if you say "draws" one more time! HAAAAAA!

I also have 2 functional bras, plus one sports bra that I wear for workouts. (nevermind the fact that it's a NURSING bra and I haven't nursed anyone for quite some time now...) I have a couple of pairs of draws (!) that match each of my bras, but also some funky prints. I, too, am a fan of holiday-themed underthings and I tend to wear them year-round, much to the amusement of my husband. I usually hit the 5 for $25 sales and load up. Right now, I have 10 good pairs of underpants, plus some leftover maternity ones because GOD are they comfy on bloaty days!

DAVs said...

I'm too lazy to actually go count, but I definitely have more panties that bras. And they don't match, mostly because I buy the bras that say "minimizer" and they don't necessarily make underwear to match. Yeah, a D cup at 5'2.5" makes you want a minimizer. I desperately need some news ones, too, and the other day Lee and I were in Macy's and they were having a huge bra sale and I saw the minimizers guessed it...we both started singing minimizer to the tune of Womanizer. This because I had told Lee about AAR doing that cover...
I digress.

Oh yeah, and I have some hefty sports bras, too, because I have to double. EXCEPT for the FrogBra, which is the most awesome sports bra for busty gals EVER. It only takes the one, yippee!

So now you know way more about me than you ever wanted to know.

Tracy said...

I would say 2-3 good bras and then 10 pairs of panties including thongs for work pants. Yes it is a must, panty line is bad.

You can get plain solid bras and then "matching" panties by going to wherever and buying panties that coordinate, most stores have buy 5 pairs for 25$.

tara said...

I used to have a ton of bras, back when my boobs were little and bras were for show, not for practicality. Now it is all about comfort. Same thing with underwear. If it cuts into my fatty bits I don't care if it's free, I am not going to take it. But if it's comfy and doesn't make things protrude that should not? That's worth some money.

So no, I am not a matchy girl. I buy one pair of one style and see if I like it. If I do, I buy a bunch more and wear them till they fall apart. With bras, I always try them on. If I don't try them they never work. It's worth some time, and some money. The undergarments really make a difference in how your clothes look.

creative kerfuffle said...

ugh. i also hate hate hate spending money on undies/bras. i've always wanted to do a fitting like bea mentioned, but am chicken. none of my stuff matches and i have way more panties than bras. bras i wear to death and typically have 3 functional ones at a time and only buy new when the ones i have are totally unwearable. i have friends that match everything and shop vic secrets but damn, i just can't see paying that for under garments.

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