Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is 7:47am too early to go to lunch?


So I totally taunted Creative Kerfuffle on Monday when she was cursing early mornings because I only worked 1/2 day (the late half). Then Monday night I didn't fall asleep until 4am ish, so I didn't get up until 10ish so I worked another 1/2 day (again, the late half) yesterday.

Well, I had no choice today, and let me tell you...karma is a spiteful bitch.

We have 2 vehicles and the kiddos have ortho appointments this afternoon (where they are making the LAST payment on $11,000 worth of what better be the straightest damn teeth in all the land), and Mr. P has to work across state lines today so he can't really walk (that sounds more dramatic than 30 minutes away). That leaves me having to come to work at 7:30am. It sucks here at 7:30. Noone else is here, or the ones who are here have to teach at 8am and they don't want won't let me to sit in their office and whine about being tired.

PLUS, if you sleep late, then you don't use up any of your allotted food before noon, and then you can eat more at dinner. And you aren't STARVING at 7:47am knowing you shouldn't really be hungry for several hours because you are following the lame adage of breakfast is the most important meal of the day bullshit, and I am serious that if I would have just had a giant DietCoke I would NOT be hungry right now.

Enough of that. For now, at least. Okay, so yesterday I went and dropped $75 on matching underwears because Bea freaked me out by telling me that EMTs giggled at Christmas underthings on an older lady I needed some. I now am the proud owner of 4 fully functional bras with matching panties, plus an extra pair of beige panties for good measure. I feel like a diva with so many lady garments. (The sale was buy 2 bras, get 2 free, then the famed 5 pairs of panties for $25). Okay, I believe I have shared that I am not a tiny girl, and so imagine my surprise when they had bras in MY SIZE that were "cleavage enhancing" bras. How much more fucking cleavage does anyone need at DD?

And last but not least, I got unfollowed by someone. How stupid is it that I am kind of feeling a weird sort of rejection? I know my blog is not for everyone, I love the cursing and whatnot. Plus, I really am not in it for the fame and glory, but still, it is like being the kid with one friend when that one friend is sick and didn't go to school and then you have to sit at lunch by yourself. Yeah, no, it is really nothing like that at all, but still.


tara said...

I know exactly what you mean about being unfollowed. It's silly, but it does kind of suck just the same. Rejection is never fun, no matter how trivial it is.

You guys have officially made me feel like my unmatching and old undergarments are inferior. I've a new bra coming in the mail, but I don't think that will fix the inferiority.

creative kerfuffle said...

bbbbbbwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaa--yes, karma is a spiteful bitch. she's bff's with that early morning bitch. : )
i think i would probably vomit if i had to BE at work at 7:30. really.
can you eat celery for breakfast? that has like negative points right? and the crunching works off calories right?
crap, now you're making me feel like i need new lady garments.
and the unfollowed? yeah, a little while back i had someone take me off of their blog roll thingy and i was all sad. i enjoyed reading that blog but i obviously did not fit in w/ the group cos...well, for many reasons.
you can sit w/ me at lunch--or, we could sit at the table w/ the vampires : )
ha--my wordify is habit!

kathi said...

I don't look at my blog or website stats often because I know I'd just obsess. Plus I figure I'm writing for me, more than anyone else, anyway.

I didn't get in on the undergarments discussion because my own inventory put me in a depression about having almost no nice underwear. I wonder if my husband will tell me the truth about what EMTs say about patients' underwear, or if he will just say something about HIPAA to avoid the question?

DAVs said...

OK I think I'm not motivated to go buy some new undergarments.

And yes, the unfollowing sucks. One time, I got unfollowed by BEA. As in, one of my bestest friends. And I sort of had a mini-freak out, like maybe because most of her blogs are about parenting I didn't fit in. Or maybe she secretly hated me and that was her way of subtly letting me know. Happy to say I'm back on her blogroll, but I never did get an explanation.... :)

Alice said...

even when i do manage to own matching bra/panties, i almost never manage to wear them TOGETHER. like, the bra won't work with the shirt i want, or the underwear is kind of uncomfortable but the bra is super, or i inexplicably lose 1/2 of the set (ALL THE TIME!! where do they GO!?!? it's freaking UNDERWEAR, it's on my body until i put it in the hamper, you'd think?!?)

Fatinah said...

I am unbelievably jealous of your new underwear!

how do you even know someone isn't following you??

Hotch Potchery said...

Fatinah: They are very nice, and I can get in a wreck and won't even be mortified (over the condition of my panties anyway).

If someone just has me on their blogroll and follows that way, I don't know. But there is a link somewhere on here that says "follow this blog" and you can do it so the blogger knows who their followers are. I had 2, then went to 3 for one day, then back to 2. So I was sad.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I follow you, but not with anything fancy other than listing you on my blogroll. And I didn't mean to unlist Ashley or Up The Hill Backwards either, I am just stoopid when it comes to the gadgets on blogger.

And yay for new underwear! I didn't mean to scare you, but I will tell you the truth. That sale looks awesome. And I know plenty of guys who would be all for cleavage enhancing bras in DD. I'm jealous- my DDs went away a few months after the baby. Boo!

Jen L. said...

Yay, new draws! And on sale, too!

The unfollowing thing blows. It's like getting unfriended on facebook, which is very 7th grade. And which has happened to me recently. I would totally sit with you at lunch.

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