Friday, January 2, 2009

Oranges are not the same as nachos.

This new, healthier lifestyle sucks monkeys. Well, not monkeys, because they probably have too many calories without enough fiber, so perhaps this lifestyle change sucks apples.

So, we settle in to watch the Sugar Bowl and for my football snack, I have an orange. Now, I like oranges, and in actuality it was a fine orange. I mean citrus no disrespect, but COME ON. Football needs nachos. Requires the consumption of wings. At the very least, a few chips to get the edge off.

All I am saying is that this healthier body better be good.


kathi said...

I think there is a law that football snacks have to be salty, spicy and/or have cheese. Better check the laws in your municipality!

Love Nike You and the stylish green 'do, BTW :-)

DAVs said...

Ouch, that sounds painful.
We're slowing trying to ease back into our healthier ways, but man is it hard. I always tell Lee we start with the workouts and then work on the diet...
It will all be worth it!

--V said...

So by refusing to sit through a football game, I'm eating healthy? Sounds like a good enough excuse to me. (I don't like football)

How about popcorn? And if you need something spicy, toss some chili powder on it. Or garlic salt.

Or, you could eat veggies and salsa.

Tracy said...

mmmm hummus and carrots....

I am having turkey blimpie for dinner. 8 points, but I can't have oil and vinegar...but spicy mustard is good.

creative kerfuffle said...

i like your nike girl--she's hysterical. smart eating, yeah...uh, we haven't started that yet. i figure vacay is over on monday, we'll just start doing something healthy then.
omg--no lie? my word verify is undies! he he he

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