Monday, September 7, 2009

the Fat God's smiled upon me...

and even with the JOKE of an effort I put forth towards being healthy, healthy, healthy since Thursday, I managed to lose .8 lbs this week. I will take it! I have already run today, and am trying to decide what to put on the menu at Chez Potchery this week...but before I get all excited about my lower BMI, and Fat Score of 84.53%, I owe my sister an I put it out here on the Interwebs.

Penny hosted a Labor Day barbecue at her house yesterday for all of us. She put out carrot sticks and almonds for snacks, and then made a salad and chicken kabobs and No Pudge brownies. Had some diet sodas and sangria. She had us all set for a supreme healthy day. Enter Hotch and fam. We brought chips. dips. hotdogs. chips. and tabouli. So we sabotaged her efforts at keeping it completely healthy. (In all selfishness, Mr. P and I took our leftover tailgate food to her house so that we would and now it is all gone, and we are ready to start over with natural, healthy stuff). Our bad decisions on Saturday should NOT have carried over to putting chips onto her plate yesterday. For that I am apologizing, and I pledge to work on being better. retrospect, as a complete family, we have come quite a ways. We had several bouts with food throughout the afternoon and evening (we went over for an 8 hours visit). First, we had chicken and veggie kabobs, grill potatoes (potato/onion/tsp butter/hot sauce), some veggies with dip, watermelon, tabouli. Interspersed with chips (some Baked Lays, some Ruffles) and dip. Dessert was No Pudge brownies. Then we played---whiffle ball. dodge ball. soccer. running through the sprinkler. Maybe a total of two-ish hours outside. Then Trivial Pursuit with some Salt and Vinegar chips, watermelon and some more brownies. Then we topped off the day with hotdogs: Jalapeno/Cheddar Oscar Mayer on wheat buns.

Yes, there was a LOT of food, in may be hard to believe, but in fact, as a family, are getting better. In the past we would have had MORE chips (we heart us some chips). lots of beer. not much playing outside, if any. lots of hotdogs, burgers, potato salad, cookies, candy. maybe pizza. or wings. or pizza and wings.

The major thing I took from this weekend aside from great times with friends, a dynamite win in college football and being oh so happy to get to have an 8 hour barbecue with my whole family is that Mr. P and I still have quite a ways to go with respect to not letting food steal the entertainment spotlight!

While food is still the star of our show, it's shine is beginning to dim....


HopeFool said...

Good for you! My extended family is the same as yours. Over the years, a couple of people in the family have changed how they partake, but the tables of food haven't changed much.

creative kerfuffle said...

it sounds like you all had a really great time! yeah for injecting the healthiness into everything : )

Lucy said...

It is great that as a family you seem to be turning things around, more activity a little less food.

Here is another thing I think you have to come to terms with and this is hard one, it almost kills my mother BUT I now do this all the time.

Don't have leftovers??? What do I mean? I never bring anything home from a restaurant. I eat the portion that makes me feel comfortable, never stuffed and then I have the waiter/waitress take it away no take home box. Then, it is not in the house to eat later.

And, as far as get togethers and dinners, well, we throw everything out and really now, overtime, since we don't like to waste food, it has forced everyone to conserve on their buying. Instead of over buying,you know,just in case we don't because no one takes anything home. It all gets tossed. PERIOD.

Anyways, that might help you overtime, and just think if you had done that then you would not have had it at your sister's. It's something to try!!!

Good Luck!

Natasha said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

I am completely clueless about makeup, but I've discovered this girl on youtube that's a makeup artist and does phenomenal videos on makeup. Her name is kandee johnson, and she'll come up if you just type that into the youtube search box. If you're interested, of course. :)

Congrats on the .8 loss. Every bit counts in the long run.

wafelenbak said...

Overall? You had much healthier habits than years past (it sounds like) and likely much healthier than most of America this weekend!
My Mom does WW, as does my cousin's wife, and my cousin has diabetes. So we've really changed the way we eat as a family...and that makes me happy.

Penny said...

Teddy and I were saying how different our get together was because yes, there was some unhealthy food, BUT there was lots of healthy food too, and people ate it AND we did a lot of physical activitiy, and before the most we would have done is get up to get a beer.

kilax said...

I wish my fam was more like this! My mom's sister tries to sabotage everyone (you know, brings really fatty food and pushes everyone else to eat it). My mom gets so pissed, but never says anything. And it's funny, because it's not like my aunt ever cooks anything - she buys it all at Costco. Ugh. They're all so weird. That is why I stayed home this weekend!

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