Wednesday, September 30, 2009

it is what it is

First, thank you for the supportive comments...on a day where I am a pure bundle of nerves, they kept me from bursting into tears at the shear enormity of it all. (NOW, believe me I am trying to put work into perspective of work, but it is all so dramatic in my mind right now.)

So, I turned in my tenure dossier about 7 minutes ago, and my hands are just so shaky. Those pages I alluded to represent everything I have done (career wise) since I began my PhD studies in 2000. All the research, all the presentations, all the courses I have taught. Here is my timeline:

Next Thursday: My department meets, discusses and votes.

early November: Dossier updated with departmental information goes to Dean. The Dean writes a letter of support (hopefully). Problem here is my dean resigned last week. Not sure what that means for me going from college to university level.

early December: Dossier updated with information from dean goes to university committee.

no later than mid MARCH: Decision conveyed. (which means you guys still have a good SIX months of my whining over this...FUN!)

Quite a bit of waiting and politicking along the way. One good thing is that this all happens during football season, then the the time that all passes and I start training for my half marathon, I should be over waiting and just resigned to knowing when I know, which is desperately hard for me. So I am about to close my office door, change into running gear, and go run it out and reflect on how far I have come in a 'work sense' because here is the thing: It is what it is. nothing more. nothing less.


Tammie said...

of course im no one important, but frankly it all sounds pretty impressive to me.

this is going to be the longest six months of your life. :)

kilax said...

I'm sorry I missed your earlier post! At least now you have it in! I hope everything goes as planned. But you are right - it is good to have a lot going on to keep you distracted!

wafelenbak said...

Good grief, 6 months? I was right, I am TOTALLY not cut out for academia.
Hey, you know I am all about the technique of distraction. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, the tenure dossier may be only 9 pages, but it represents many efforts and accomplishments that you have made over a long period of time. I really hope that you will get the outcome you want and be able to stay at your institution, but even if you don't, you still have the PhD., the published articles, and teaching experience. And that is a LOT to be proud of!

And keep up the awesome running! That will help with managing the stress.

Lucy said...

The upside: Your side of it is finished. You have done all the hardwork. You have done everything you could do. The work part for you is over.

The downside: The waiting and it is a ridiculous amount of time to have to wait and that is going to be hard, no doubt. Don't beat yourself up about getting in moods or thinking about it at times. Sometimes, give in to it and then go into distraction mode.

Good Luck!!!!

Shelley said...

This is so crazy - I really hope you get tenure...what a process! Glad you will have some distractions in the coming months!

tara said...

Six months is a horribly long time to wait! But I am happy that it's done, and that you sound ready to just get on with it and let it go now. Too much worrying wears down your batteries.

LiLu said...

Whine away. It's your space, after all! ;-)

Swistle said...

This is crazy. This is a crazy way for an industry to be run. CRAZY! I'm telling you! Crazy!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

All I can say is others do not determine who you are. That comes from within. No matter what happens, I still think you're an outstanding individual who is well on her way to kicking my ass in running. =)

Jen L. said...

Dude. That's effed up. SIX MONTHS? I guess it's like that everywhere, that just seems mean to make you wait that long. Ick. Fingers crossed.

Sorry I've been MIA. We switched to DirecTV and were sans internet until our bundle package kicked in. Am horribly behind on my blawgs.

Astarte said...

OMG, reading this reminds me that I really, truly have to shut up with the whining over my grad application crap. Holy shit, woman, I would be drinking full time, which, come to think of it, would probably not be good for your job!

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