Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I think his hair is in the trash

One of the great things about Penny et al. moving to Alabama is our new founded family dinner night each and every Wednesday evening. Penny, Teddy, Eli, CK, CK2, Mr. P and I gather and go out to eat at one particular spot that we used to take CK and CK2 for dinner when they were just a year or two older than Eli is now. Tonight, as usual, Eli was the star of dinner, even though it was slightly at Mr. P's expense.

Eli was sitting in between CK and Teddy, and in the midst of coloring, this conversation took place:

Eli: MR. P., where is your hair?
(Mr. P is not bald per se, but does wear his do "high and tight" if it were.)
Penny: Eli, where do you think his hair is?
Eli: In the trash.

Then we all died from laughing right there at the restaurant. Well, except Mr. P and he took his sweet time reviving us. OH, and then we got laughing really hard just TALKING about this clip:


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!

I can't see the clip because I'm in Canada :( [Sad face because I can't see it, not because I'm in Canada :)]

Marmite Breath said...

My God, I love those sketches. Did you hear that those two women got let go from SNL??

DAVs said...

I love that you have family dinners on Wednesdays. That just sounds so nice.

Shelley said...

I'm at work so I can't watch it until later, but the sketch has my future second husband in it - love Will!!!

Little kids are so entertaining - I'm so glad you get to enjoy Eli more often now!

Lucy said...

Darn, for some reason the clip won't come through but that conversation had me laughing out loud, little ones are funny.

creative kerfuffle said...

eli cracks me the hell up! i LOVE that you all are close now and can do family dinners! YEAH!
dude--i never realized how big will's feet were until i saw them in the white shoes. you know what THAT means! he he he and i gotta have one of those pink dresses.

Alice said...

my parents' favorite story to tell about me is when their friends were over for dinner when i was about 2, and partway through they were like "alice, you're so quiet.. so you can participate in the coversation with us if you'd like!" so after a few minutes of thinking, i turned to my parents' friend and said "david, you know that hard stuff you get inside your nose.....?"

and we'll never know what i was actually going to ask, because my parents hastily decided i did NOT actually have to participate in dinner conversation, after all... :-)

Penny said...

That was a good family dinner, I enjoyed it!

I went to the store today to get your special Proactive Kashi, and it is PROBIOTIC Kashi, not Proactive...that made me laugh.

Jen L. said...

HILARIOUS. Also, I love the name Eli.

Fatinah said...

crap - I can't watch the clip either!!

LiLu said...


I die. Seriously.

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