Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Body fluid removal kit

yeah, that sign attached to a teensy white suitcase looking dealy attached to the dashboard of the transit bus didn't instill much confidence in me this morning.

Yes, I am still doing the transit thing. I am still working on healthy, healthy, actually in my second week of 10K training...not to do a 10K at any pace per se, but to complete one whilst completing the jogging motion the entire time on November 7. I am doing well on POINTS for the first 4 or so days of the week, then comes socializing all weekend and when I socialize I tend to drink beers and eat food. All this together means my weight is dropping ounces per week, but the key term is DROPPING and I can live with that for now.

I turn in my tenure dossier a week from today and am working on my teaching philosophy and research philosophy as well as revising a few papers and starting a new one, so my writing energy has been directed towards those endevours....I end up having no words left for blogging or commenting.

I have fun stuff coming up that should offer blog fodder that is not "whoa is me, I am fat", or "whoa is me, trying to get tenure sucks". Maybe tomorrow I will lighten the mood and tell you about how Mr. P has discovered farming on Facebook and posts PICTURES of his farm nearly daily. Or how my son just wrote a script and he and some friends are going to film a movie---they are even trying to convince one of the sub-managers at the movie theater to show it once. How my daughter got to have dessert with a Nobel prize winner yesterday...she was selected from an entire college due to her research efforts. Or how my nephew is dreaming of the day he can get tiny again so that he is free to poop in his pants. naaaahhh. "Whoa is me" is much more how I roll these days.


wafelenbak said...

I accept Whoa is Me and still come back to read.
But I freaking love farming on Facebook. :-)

Shelley said...

Ugh, Facebook Farming...I so want to email all of my FB friends and say "you DO know you can turn off notifications on that, right?" - instead, I just hit "ignore" on those friends. Who, me...intolerant?!? ;)

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Even if you're not writing much or reading blogs much, know I'm cheering for you ... for the weight loss adventure and getting tenure track and living life!

Penny said...

ohhh, I feel the same, I just want to feel sorry for myself and complain...and start to work on my IBS charity.

ashley said...

I'm having issues with blogger so I'll comment under this account.

I think I'm really *lucky* that I don't care for alcohol, cuz I hear it can be a points hog.

Keep plugging away--can't wait to hear about the 10K!

Jenn said...

OMG that last paragraph had me snorting with laughter!
Every ounce counts, and you get to have beer and food while you're at it! Not bad.

Lynne said...

A lot of my friends on Facebook are playing that farm game and I just don't get it.

kilax said...

It sounds like you/and your fam have a lot going on! I am excited to hear about the 10k! How fun! I didn't know you were training for one :)

Fatinah said...

you always make me laugh!

meanwhile - daughter is doing farming on facebook and I spend HOURS reminding myself that it is better than being hooked on crack..... it is.... right??

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