Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not a virgin anymore..

Not THAT kind of virgin, that happened long, long ago, you know, when I got pregnant with my first child. It is weird that I wrote would be like I was afraid my mom would read this, and as far as I can tell my mother has made no move to even log into her email for nearly a month (don't ask me how I know that). Not to rehash, but I have mom issues.

So back to the first time stuff. I mailed my first swap-bot swaps today. Postcards with PostSecret type secrets on the back. Here they are:

If you can't tell...I made them myself. Putting them in the mailbox was kind of hard....First, I painted/cut/pasted them to mean my secrets in sort of an abstracty kind of way. Second, what if my swap partners don't get me? Or think I did a good job? They can rate me, what if they give be a bad rating? I am really nervous. One is going to England, the other to California.

I also got my first swap postcard today:

It is the back of a card with some stickers on it. I was kind of bummed at first. Then I read the secret...I won't tell, but it was a secret that I share with this stranger. It is weird, but knowing I have something in common with a woman who lives thousands of miles away that is so different from me in many ways ( she is a stay home mom and apparently loves it...I was not a stay home mom and didn't want to be, she is very crafty, me not so much, etc.) made me feel better.

That was fun. I am ready for another.

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