Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Hotch Potch

- Yesterday while I was on a wog (walk/jog) I came face to face with a big doe. I was listening to my iPod (NOT singing out loud in public) (okay maybe I was) and I was turning around at the end of my street...weirdly the street just curb, just end of pavement and then it is nature, and I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned, and there she was, not sure who was more startled...her, or me. I kind of screamed a little, and she looked right at me, then turned and boinged know...BOING. BOING. the way that deers do?

- I got notified that my sixth academic article was accepted for publication yesterday. I am not sure if I have mentioned, but I am an assistant professor and to get to associate professor (which means tenure!) I have to have TEN articles published. 60% there. Whoo hoo. Go me.

- Our kid in high school got a letter on Tuesday that he was accepted to the college of our his choice. Now if he could get that ACT score up so that he could have a slamming scholarship like our kid in college got. I hate that I am that mom that is making him take it OVER. and OVER. and OVER. again until he gets that scholarship. I even bought the prep book, which I have to admit...he has slept with every night. I am hoping the answers crawl out of the book and climb in his ears like tiny brainy bugs in the night. Okay, now I am sort of scared of that book.

- Our kid in college got ink last weekend. Yup, a tattoo. I don't hate it. Jon and Kate (of Jon and Kate, + Eight fame) showed their tattoos on their show Monday, and our kid's is way better than a Winnnie the Pooh. gag.

- Enough of the sunshine and mom still hasn't made any move to return to normalcy. SIGH. It is a bummer that I can't call her to tell her about the kids, or my article, or even that bouncey, bouncey deer.

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