Monday, October 27, 2008

No angst here...only weekendy goodness

We had a very weekendy weekend here at Chez Potchery, so much so that my funk might be gone, I want to tell the story in pictures.

Yesterday we had a family day. We loaded up the kids and headed to a local farm to pet animal babies...cow babies, goat babies and pig babies. Check how cute:

We did a corn maze, took a hayride and picked tiny cutie pumpkins.

Sunday I made huge amounts of chili, the college kid came over (what did I tell you?), and we painted our tiny pumpkins. Mr. P, the kid in college and I each painted one. The high school kid wasn't interested. Mine is the best one. Not scary or messy.

And tonight, my mom called me to say she had an appointment with her shrink. And the Colts are winning. And I am caught up at work. I am feeling very content right now. sigh.

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