Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still a secret...and I love multiples

I have managed to keep the blog a secret for almost a month, but I am getting increasingly impatient for my sister to find it. I never wanted it to be a secret from her, but thought it would be fun to comment on blogs I know she reads to see if she realizes it is me. Today I posted a story about her son on a blog I know she reads (I linked from her blog) maybe she will find me in the next few days.

I am apparently still a secret from the whole everyone else on the blogosphere, except one person in Canada, one in the Phillipines, and one in the Netherlands...I am an international "oneder"...HA HA.

Now to a totally unrelated topic...television! I have become increasingly obsessed with watching shows on TLC about people with multiples...and twins/trips just don't cut it anymore...OR people with a buttload of kids. I watch those families with utter fascination, and I am coming from the perspective of a sibling, not the parents. I think I have a pretty good relationship with my sister (don't let the bloggy breadcrumb story convince you otherwise), and I maybe three friends that I keep up the hell could you have relationships with 17 brothers and sisters, and have your own life? I just can't fathom it. I guess my point is, if the relationships can't be kept up, what's the point?

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