Thursday, October 9, 2008

peePhone to iPhone

Once upon a time, I got a cell phone, and because I am so. so. so. cheap, I got a phone for a penny. I could text, send/receive pictures, and talk...good enough. It was kind of crappy and it felt inferior next to all those other phones that didn't turn off and on spontaneously throughout the day uttering that ding DING ding of my provider (even when on "manner mode").

I was just biding my time until I could switch to ATT, because it was love at first sight for me and the iPhone. However, I decided I would not switch until our contracts were up, and I could get at least a second generation iPhone. I could just live with crap phone.

Then, in May, I left the crappy phone in my jeans, and Mr. P did wash it. mmm. Now I have NO phone, and I really need a phone because I have two teenagers that I make stay in touch with me via text all the live long day. Plus, I am also cheap in the car department, so I need a cell in case the car breaks down. At this point, Mr. P relinguishes his cell to me, and uses his work cell for all cell calls. So I am paying a bill every month for a phone number that is not being used, but in my cheapskate brain this is OH SO MUCH better than buying out a cell contract or paying for a phone when no renewing a contract.

Five months go by and my friends/family are now used to me using Mr. P's number, and then last Friday night, it happened...I turned Mr. P's phone, into a peePhone. I dropped it in the toilet pre-flush, noticed it mid-flush and got it out. Mr. P was horrified... But what could I do? We had friends over and they all instructed me to take it apart and let it dry out. On Saturday, it finally turned back on...but everything was upside down. Now this phone was already in rough shape...cracked on the front, the front panel didn't work, when it rang you had to open it to see who was calling, etc. However, it offering the additional challenge of upside down? That was the proverbial last straw.

So, I did it. I traded in the peePhone for an iPhone. Now, I am a pledge in the fraternity of "Oh How Annoying" (is that person on her cellphone incessantly). ooh. I just remembered, I can figure out twitter now!

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