Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Fun!

I wrote most of a post yesterday on an unpleasantness between Mr. P and I that I was going to finish today, but he went to the dentist this morning and needs TWO root canals, so I think I am going to try something new and LET. IT. GO.

Instead I am going to ramble on excitedly about a field trip I am going to take with Mr. P and the one in college and the one in high school (which we found out got into his college of choice yesterday). Those one's to which I refer are our out of the house (college) and one in the house (high school)...duh.

All of us have been in a sort of funk of late. I am having mother issues, Mr. P is having toothy troubles, the one in college is mirky in her own drama and stress, and the one in high school, well...he is in high school, need I say more? In search of a funkbuster I remembered that while we lived in Texas a few years ago a friend organized a trip to a pumpkin farm/corn maze and we LOVED it.

The corn maze was of the US and the clues would be "Go to the maple syrup state", and you would then have to figure out where in the US that might be...then decide how to get there based upon where you were in the maze and go there for the next clue. (I just tried to find a picture to insert to give a visual, but couldn't find one quickly.) We also got to stuff our own scarecrow and even thought the straw/hay? was super itchy it was really fun. We also picked pumpkins and drank cider and even though it was 85 degrees (we were in central TX) it was really fun. The only downer was they were out of pumpkin ice cream the day we went.

For some reason that day popped into my head and I googled (thank goodness for google) corn mazes and I found a farm that promises such fun that I can barely sit still with excitement. I am not even kidding I feel as excited as I do right around Christmas...the place I found has a corn maze. baby pigs. peacocks. pedal tractor races (that wasn't in my top 3 things, but Mr. P was instantly onboard with that revelation). pumpkins. cows and donkeys to pet. AND. AND. if you go at night you can do the corn maze with flashlights...byoo ha ha.

My funk is clearing already and we aren't even going for 3 weeks!

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