Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday HotchPotch

Wow, another week has gone by, and it flew!
  • As posted, I got a new iPhone, and have been practicing Twitter. It is fun...I even have TWO people following my twitters already! Why does that make me feel popular and smart? It is the same feeling I get when I get a comment (4 total, thank you very much), or a new person visits the blog. I guess maybe since I know that noone ever reads my published work (academic business articles, anyone? I can provide links...) that I feel somewhat happy that someone is reading some words that I have strung together.
  • I got my first "google" hit to my blog...and it was for..."Olive Garden."
  • I am working on my 101 things to do in 1001 days list. So far, 6 things.
  • I got my second postcard from my PostSecret swap...dude, that secret was a doozy! If it were my secret, I would have been way too worried that my swap partner was someone I knew that would rat me out.
  • Today is my sister's birthday AND her husband's birthday. They are exactly 10 years apart.
  • My husband was entering his contacts into his new phone last night and asked me what HIS sister's last name was. HIS sister. Get it? HIS sister.
  • I am really, really far behind at work. Really far. behind at work. I am actually at work, right now, doing a blog of random things, instead of getting less behind at work. I have 40 exams to grade, 12 projects to grade. Three articles to get revised and submitted. All probably should be done by next Friday. Like I said, really. far. behind. at work.

I am leaving work now to go have some lunch, and get supplies to make jello shots for our tailgate. Priorities, man. You gots to have the priorities.

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