Sunday, October 12, 2008

The "doctor" is in?

So our kid in college made a comment on her Facebook page that she had a dream that she was back in summer camp and the kids wouldn't reliquish their cell phones. I replied that I had a dream where I went to teach my class, unprepared, and without my contacts, or glasses...and I am REALLY near-sighted. I asked her to please interpret for me.

Here is her interpretation:

"Hmmm.. well my World Literature/Psychology education tells me that perhaps you have what is known as the Oedipus Complex. By being essentially blind, you are blind to your own identity and perhaps subconsciously you know that you are married to a close relative and have inbred children.

Or maybe, psychoanalytically, you have a subconscious want to be blind due to a horrifying image seen and repressed by your brain.

Or maybe it was just a dream."

Interesting....but my own interpretation is that I am feeling guilty that several of my students saw me at a bar, and tipsy at that. I am also feeling bad that I am really far behind at work and instead of spending the day working, I was catching up on the dregs of my recorded television and voting on my favorite candy, and reading pages and pages of stranger Twitters.

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