Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Hotch Potch (Subtitle: Things I have learned...)

--I have come to a realization ...the way to being a successful mother to teenagers is...da da duh...low expectations. Not from you, as their mother, but low expectations from your children on your ability to mother. I will give an example: I baked brownies from scratch today AND put a crock-pot meal (from a package) in the crock pot so that after the high school football game that will be played in damp, chilly weather, my teenage boy will have a hot meal and yummy treats. By his reaction you would have thought I cured cancer, while juggling miniature ponies and winning American Idol. I can cook two things well, chili and meatloaf, but I don't do it often. But when I mention either of these two things, my TEENAGERS will cancel all plans and will be at the table with shining happy faces. Now, if I had prepared meals day in and day out for their entire lives, would that be the case? NO.

--I had thought about a blog where I could list all of the things I have learned from pop culture (namely television and movies) so that I could write a timely piece on how television is GOOD for you, and it does not rot your brain. Unfortunately, all I could come up with was that I learned that capybaras (which I called "hairless faced bears" for two months) are the world's largest rodent (from Survivor: Amazon) and that Wilson gets credit for the 14 Points of Light (American President). Not sure I can make a case with those two.

--This weekend is finally pumpkin patch and corn maze weekend. I am very excited. Both kids are excited (again, teenagers with low parental expectations, happy about a family outing), and Mr.P is excited. I even got a pumpkin carving app for my phone so I can practice.

--I think I have SAD (seasonal affect disorder) and RLS (restless leg syndrome). I am not even kidding.

--I had been thinking about buying a food processor. I have no idea why since I don't cook...but today when I was looking for the mixer and crock pot I found a food processor. mm. Who knew?

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