Friday, July 17, 2009

two weeks

In two weeks I turn 40, and my life is SIGNIFICANTLY changing.

The next day I leave for NYC for a business meeting, Mr. P won't arrive until several days later. While this trip is some work, I am looking forward to doing some really touristy things since due to the next point, I might not be back that way for awhile.

Six days later I head to my sister's for my nephew's THIRD birthday party and then to return to Alabama with sister and nephew. At that point they will have MOVED to Alabama. The day after that, Mr. P and my brother-in-law should arrive in Alabama with all the stuff and the animals...we will all bunk at our house.

Three days after that my son will move into his apartment, and my sister and her family will move into their house.

Four days after that my daughter will return home from camp and move into apartment with son, the same day that Fall semester starts. I teach graduate classes in the Fall. More intense.

Where the fuck did the summer go?????? While all the changes are so exciting, it is kind of overwhelming me a bit.

In the next two weeks I have to get the house 'company clean' again. How did we destroy it in 2 months?

I have to prep my class for the Fall (I likely won't make it to the office during the week of everyone moving), and the class I am teaching on the trip. I have to prepare a different presentation for same trip. I have to make sure that CK2 takes underpants and socks to college. I have to finish a research paper, and actually conduct a pilot test on a new study (what was I thinking taking on something new?), and complete two more paper reviews.

I spent all spring looking forward to summer so that I could chill a bit, and now I find myself looking forward to fall so that I can chill a bit. Will this ever stop?


Lucy said...

Wow! You are on overload!
I have to admit I have not been on overload in a while and it has been nice.

I have some busy time with some work stuff BUT not overload. I am glad that I have seem to hit a patch of slow down. I will ride the wave while it lasts!!

I hope you get to slow down soon, overload can get to you. Hang in there!!!

DAVs said...

"How did we destroy it in 2 months?"

Lee and I ask all the time: "How did we destroy it in 2 HOURS?"

Seriously, it takes you two whole months to un-clean your house?? I'm really impressed.

You do have quite a lot on your plate! I can't believe Steambot is three!

Shelley said...

I need a nap after reading this post - dang, you have a lot of things happening in your life!!!

Penny said...

We seem to do this in our family, we do nothing for months and then OH MY GOD LET'S OUR WHOLE LIVES RIGHT NOW.

It is really stressful, but I think that once it all settles down it will be really good.

Swistle said...

I feel the SAME WAY!

Jen L. said...

Holy busy, HP! That's gonna be fun, though. OH, I wanna go to NYC! Have you been there much? If you want some suggestions of fun things to do and great restaurants from a "local" (I still qualify, right?), email me. :) Don't eat BBQ there. It will make you cry.

I'm so excited your family's moving closer! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, busy bee. Such is the life of the academic.

And not related to your post, I tried the blackberry grits again using grits, a smaller amount of Almond Milk (instead of water), and the blackberries, and nuking the whole thing for a few minutes. It was pretty good!

creative kerfuffle said...

wow--your life doesn sound crazy right now and i'd be freaking out too--but so many good things are going to come out of this in the end. i think it's cool that your kids are going to live together in an apt. will they be able to do that? i mean i think mine would do physical harm to each other.
i'm excited for your nyc trip! very cool. there is a museum of sex there, in the city. i passed by it once but never went it. please go so you can tell me what it's all about!!!

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