Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Every 4th of July we head to the beach where my dad parks his RV (yeah, that is a whole other post), and this year was no exception...the big difference was his new girlfriend. She is THREE years older than me. If you weren't really getting Dad is 62, and she is 43, and I will be 40 in a few weeks.

If the 3 years wasn't awkward enough, she is embroiled in a bunch of drama in my home town with people my age that I went to highschool to be fair, not really people I hang out with anymore, or even ever really, but people that know who I am, and that is just Dudes, we don't have just ONE year class reunions anymore...we have like 5 years worth of classes at reunions. My Dad would be there as a DATE at my reunion. It is just so white trash.

She left after one day, so then we just hung out with my Dad, and that was pretty okay. We have to work very hard to keep him busy so that we can stay out of the bars until sunset...he likes hims drinky. We did lots of touristy stuff, like putt-putt, bowling, go-carts, arcades, movies, and window shopping. Sadly we didn't get a ton of beach time because the weather sucked. This morning we got up to gray skies and decided just to come home.

We get home, and there are two dudes on our back porch having torn out our back steps and most of the HELLO? What are you doing? It is a rental, but we had no idea that this was going to be going on. I was mad. Mr. P? He lost his shit. Didn't help that he had not smoked all day and was already kinda pissy. It was a bad hour of phone calls to the contractor, realty company, realty company, realty company. I think Mr. P's blood pressure just now is normalizing...we had a good salad for dinner, and I think bed is in short order for me...I like vacationing, but to be completely honest, I am only ever truly comfortable at home. I have become such an old lady.

I missed my normal weigh-in on Monday, so will weigh in tomorrow morning, and get to back to work. Worky work, work on the 15 Week Challenge and work on healthy, healthy, healthy.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!


creative kerfuffle said...

wtf w/ the ripping out the deck while you're gone? really? doesn't the landlord give a notice of such things? sheesh. i'm the same about vacays--i mean i like them and all but it's always sooo good to come home.
and--yeah, that is FREAKY that your dad's gf is three yrs older than you. but, i do think the hubs has you topped on the white trash thing in this regard. his dad married his mom's younger sister less than a yr after his mom died. yeah--it's been about 4 yrs and it still doesn't go over well.

Hotch Potchery said...

CK: UMMMM....So now your hubs cousins are also his step-siblings?

How bizaree for your kids, too!

kilax said...

What an awkward family situation! Good thing she didn't stay around long!

And WTF is up with the work in your backyard? Gosh, I would have freaked!

Anonymous said...

Hotch, I don't think you should judge all vacations on the merits of one where you spend all day distracting your dad so he'll stay out of bars while trying to make nice with his girlfriend who is your age! You need to take a REAL vacation, like just you and Mr. P. and no other family members in a scenic hideaway with room service. That could be pretty alright.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Only three years older than you? EW! EW! EW! And WTF about the deck? Sigh. You need a staycation from your vacation (but with the deck not being ripped up).

Anonymous said...

Oh man marrying your dead wife's younger sister is a good one, I think CK might have us beat!

Man I am just seriously hoping Dad is done with your sister-wife before I move so I just don't ever have to meet her.

I'm sorry about your house, that really sounds awful and I know when you get back from vacation you (the collective you, not JUST you) want to relax in your own home and it is hard if it is ripped apart!

Alice said...

i think chezjulie is on to something... sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation :-)

Shelley said...

Your dad's GF situ sounds just plain icky. Hopefully they break up before any reunions!

Hey, your Oh! Nuts order shipped out yesterday - mine came UPS, so I imagine yours will, too. Let me know when you get it and how you like the blueberries, ok?

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I always had a problem dating a guy *that* much older than me. Shit, I could barely date a guy 5 years older than me without getting the eebie-jeebies. *shudder*

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