Monday, July 13, 2009

Pulled the trigger

on that diet roulette gun I was talking about, and I gained .2lbs.

So as I plow into week 3 of the 15 Week Challenge, I have lost .59% of my beginning weight, which is 1.4lbs. ehh. Not my best efforts, but I have had a STELLAR day. Now, I did not eat "clean", I am saving that for later in the week, but I have eaten lots of fruits and veggies, grilled chicken, went out for a jog this morning, and drank (mostly) water all day. I have used all of my points though, and not sure that I will make it all the way until tomorrow without dipping into my weekly points. I do have berries and watermelon if I get hungry though, so I think I am in good shape.

I even went to work and got a bunch of statistical tests done on a paper I am revising!

Now that the housekeeping is over, I have another Ruby rant.

So, I watched it again last night, and while I probably should just not watch anymore, I probably will, so be prepared for me to gripe. In this episode she was so whiney about not wanting to do universal weight machines because she was going to 'bulk up'. The little bits of her routine I saw were not in the body building category, rest assured. It was just so frustrating. I don't know how she is financially supporting herself, and she has this show to help her lose weight and all she does is BITCH, well I could deal with bitching, all she does is WHINE. (I really feel like Jillian needs to go to Savannah and kick some ass.) Then, her MD brought in some "guru" (that label makes me wary of ANYONE) and he kept saying that her current workout of treadmill and universal weight machines was going to 'bulk her up'. Fed right into her delusions. So she quit her gym. quit.her.gym. I don't know why I am getting so frustrated about a stranger's journey when I have my own struggles, but I truly believe if there was a camera crew following me around I would be too embarrassed not to be every day.

Okay, judgey rant over. OH, I found out this weekend that one of the instructors at work and her husband are swingers. blech. shiver. throw up. (If you are a swinger, I really don't care if I just offended you because I think it's yucky.)


Lucy said...

I think the show gets you riled up because you watch someone who needs help, getting help, refusing help and there you are doing everything you can and would love a little help. You just want to shake her!!

Swingers, now that is interesting, I don't mean like, "hey hook me up" I mean, wow, I never met any swingers, I'm not sure what I would do if someone let me know that was what they were into. I guess my mouth might just drop wide open. They would probably get the hint that I'm not one!

Tammie said...

ha. i agree. swingers=gross. i dont understand getting married and then having sex with other people, whats the point?!

as for ruby. sigh. methinks the whole bulking up thing is an excuse to be too scared/lazy/frustrated to work out more. and yeah, anyone would be happy to have the help of all the people she has to assist her. she needs to quit the whining.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one with swingers at work. Ick. Ick. Ick.

And I don't even get the channel to see the show. It would make me angry too. I would love to have a gym membership (we won't go into the other stuff she gets that no one normal gets to use) and for her to throw such a hissy fit. Boo!

Anonymous said...

You inspired me to watch a few online video clips of "Ruby." They were fascinating but she kind of bugs me... she seems like she acts like a little girl trying to charm people by being silly. Or is that how all the women act in Savannah?

That is crazy that a fitness professional in this day and age would say women get bulked up from weights. My trainer says the women who get like that are on steroids.

A semi-friend of mine is a swinger. It weirded me out at first, too, when I found out, but she is perfectly nice so whatever.

Fatinah said...

well, I WAS going to start swinging, but NOW... HAHA

My pet peeve is reading on blogs that people think their weight is up because they did weight training for 30 minutes that week.

A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, it just takes up less room.

My trainer said that it would be near impossible for a woman to "bulk up" unless they had the very specific intent of actually body building - and ate a diet to support it. And lets face it - there isn't one weight loss blog out there that even comes close to that. And the hours and hours of training with both weights and extreme cardio that would be required - 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week would never even come close! That is why we all have such nicely defined and toned arms and legs and abs, and AREN'T bulky!!

I guess that show is quite real, since overweight (or just unfit) people tell themselves all kinds of stories to justify not doing what they need to. I can still talk myself out of stuff.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I think you bitch about Ruby because you know that if you were offered the same opportunities as her, you'd go about it much differently. You'd likely be thankful for all the support you have in your journey instead of taking it for granted.

BTW, how does one go about finding out about swinging co-workers. Was there a proposition that caught you off guard? hahaha.

Amy said...

I'm totally going to have to start watching Ruby.

LOL on the swingers... yeah, not so interested.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

A woman who works with me told me she ran into a former colleague at a swingers' party. There was a moment of stunned silence as she realized what she said using her inside voice instead of her inside the head voice and stumbled along some explanation.

I have to check out Ruby...but just reading your post and the comments I think I will be annoyed.

Alice said...

omg, i do not know if any of my coworkers are swingers and i SO DO NOT WANT TO KNOW EITHER. eep.

i don't watch this ruby chick, but she already annoys me. i mean sure, we all make excuses to let ourselves run less or eat less healthy than we know we should, but ARGGGHHHHH. full on delusions like that - especially when she's being handed all this help and support! - make me crrraaazzzzy.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you are looking great! I actually think you could run farther than I could. I do need to start running again, to build up endurance. And I think I'm going to start working on weekly work-out routines for the dance class. I have to wait for my stupid toe to heal first

College Kid Ni

Astarte said...

I was thinking about tuning in to this Ruby show until you said that. Now I will *never* watch it. It sounds like it has the same amount of brains as The Swan did. Encouraging someone to quit their gym! Hello, you're ALREADY bulked up! How can she think that lifting weights will make her look worse than all that twinkie-lifting she's been doing over the years?! SHEESH!

Also, how did you find out this grosstastic info about your coworkers? I hope to God they didn't prop you.

Jen L. said...

Eeeeeeeeeeek, swingers! There was a rumor when I was in grad school that one of our professors and his wife were swingers. I could never look either of them in the eye.

Penny said...

I had never seen Ruby but after I read your post I was flipping through the channels and I watched it.

It really annoyed me because I told Teddy that if I had a personal trainer, doctor, and therapist all helping me I could be HOTT and it makes me jealous that people get all this help and are ungrateful!

I really don't think swingers are that weird...does that make me weird?

Astarte said...

Where did you get this magic scale that weighs to the 1/10th of a pound? I want one! Mine rounds up to the half, and I think it would be a lot more encouraging to have a good one like yours.

Uh, how did you find out about this swinging thing? Please tell me she didn't invite you to a key party!

This Ruby person needs a bitch-slap, but the idiot trainer needs one more. She should be more concerned with the weight she gained by lifting cupcakes than what she could put on with training. Duh!

kilax said...

Damn, guess my swinging offer is going to be declined. Good thing I didn't say anything.


I would be frustrated with that show too. Just as I am frustrated with the other people in my life who make excuses for themselves!

creative kerfuffle said...

first--the swinging thing is too funny. i mean, how exactly did you find out that little tidbit? i'm not grossed out by them, more like fascinated, the same way i'm fascinated w/ stuff like Big Love. neither are for me but i'm interested in those people's thought processes. as for ruby, i don't watch but it smacks of the same crap that was happening on jon & kate plus 8. i got fed up w/ all the free crap and trips they got and all the bitching she did so i quit watching.

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