Sunday, July 12, 2009

Called out. Thanks.

So over the last few days, a few people mentioned (Fatinah and Wafelenbak) that my Nike girl was a bit bratty and sad that I had neglected her. I had indeed. I had sort of decided last night, that today, rain or shine, humidity and heat be damned, I was going to strap on that bitch and take her for a run so she would quit telling the blogworld that the new found resolution I had to my healthy journey was already waning.

I am playing a bizarre game of diet roulette. I am making BETTER choices, but really, it doesn't take a whole lot of discipline to merely NOT eat fast food for every.meal. Throw in a salad here and there, maybe a piece of fruit, and ta da. BETTER choices. Not good. Better. I am journaling maybe one meal a week....I don't even know.

However, I still had kind of made up my mind that I had to get my ass in gear. Kind of.

Then, late last night I watched a few episodes of Ruby. If you don't know her story, she is a lady from Savannah that has assembled a team of a trainer, nutritionist and shrink to help her lose the 300lbs that she needs to lose. The episode I watched was Ruby on vacation...she didn't take any of her meals, and she kept saying, "I think I know best" when she didn't eat her pre-planned meals or when she didn't want to exercise.

I thought to myself, "If she really knew best she wouldn't have gotten to this position."


I am still one hundred pounds overweight. I am still in the super obese category. I DO need WeightWatchers. I do need my Nike girl. I do need to drink water and take my vitamins. Merely fitting into XL shirts from OldNavy does not mean my journey is over.

So people, please feel free to comment on my girl if she is sad...BUT check her out today! I got 2.25 miles in the 200 degree humid filled day...I am cooled down, and am heading to buy groceries!


DAVs said...

YAY for exercising in the freakin' heat and humidity! Lee and I went jogging this morning at 7:15 and it was already 85 degrees at least. We lost ten pounds of water through sweat (ewwwww!). You can do it. YOU CAN DO IT!

Astarte said...

I'm super-proud of you for getting back on track there. I think it's almost impossible to make a lasting change to diet in one fell swoop, but it sounds like you're moving in the right direction. I started running again about a week ago, too, three times a week with the c25k podcast, and I'm on week 2 now. I actually feel really good on it. We'll get there. I know we will. :) Wish you lived closer, we could run together.

Tammie said...

it is mega hot today so congrats!

and yeah if there was ever a show to motivate someone to exercise..its Ruby.

Shelley said...

Good on ya for doing it in this wicked heat and humidity - that's worth double the caloric burn in my book!

wafelenbak said...

Ha ha! I wasn't trying to call YOU out, I thought it was seriously annoying that she gets all pissy like that. But I guess it motivated you, so, hooray!

Penny said...

Good job! Your girl looks much happier! I ran today and it was maybe 75, and I was HOT...I'm really wondering how I'm going to handle the heat.

Fatinah said...

2.27 miles in that humidity - she better put her bolo bat down and start doing flips for that accomplishment!!

I feel silly after reading your post - I went to the gym today to spin for an hour and the air conditioning was off cause they are doing renos - I was all outraged. Even with that situation, I bet I didn't get even half as hot as you must have been running!!

Amy said...

Great job! Way to bring the message home... and get out there for a good run!

andrea. said...

Oh man, I was SO glad to read this last night. That last part of your post was a DING DING DING for me too. I've gotten complacent too, since I'm relatively comfortable with where I am, and I keep thinking, "Ah, I got this. I know what I'm doing." And this is, coincidentally, the same weight I got complacent at LAST time I tried to lose weight, and THAT bout of complacency led to eventually gaining all the weight back. Blargh.

Anyway, so this post was like a total lightbulb for me. In fact, I couldn't even take the time to comment last night: I just jumped up off the couch, put on my workout clothes, and popped in the 30-Day Shred. So thank-you! For a little ding ding ding and getting my butt back in gear! :)

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I think we all need to take accountability for who we are, inside and out. So many people have excuse after excuse for why life isn't exactly the way they want. And I don't buy it. We are all enabled to make change, but it does require effort. Glad to see you realize that and are taking control of your own life!

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