Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Deja Vue

Two summers ago we were getting the College Kid ready to be the College Kid. Oogling towels and kitchenware and discussing the merits of toasters and whether a blender is really necessary for a dorm room. About a month before school started, College Kid was on her way to work, and rear ended a pickup truck and dislocated her toe (she was driving wearing flip flops). We spent a day at the doctor getting it all relocated...and it was this day that I realized something about my kid...she still cries LOUD.

I don't know if you understand what I mean...but think about a toddler crying, all loud and noisy and unrestrained. Then, while crying doesn't stop, the WHALING noises seem to stop at some age, and crying becomes more sniffling and tears. However, that switch never turned on this kid. I could hear her from the waiting room HOWLING. Mr. P had to come from work because I couldn't handle it. She was a pathetic, hobbling mess for days on end. Even now, she will complain about her lopsided toes.

Flash forward to yesterday morning, two years to the day almost (it could be exact, but I don't remember). I had just returned from my run, and I was dishing out some watermelon and CK2 (which he seemingly has dubbed himself), limped into the kitchen. I looked down and one of his toes was PURPLE and there was a crazy big bruise on the top of his foot.

Me: WHAT happened?

CK2: yeah, I might have broken my toe last night

Me: Should you go to the doctor?

CK2: mmmm, I think they are closed right now.

WHAT???? Since when are doctors closed at 11 am on a TUESDAY???

So I made a MOM decision and said, "Get ready, we will get your TB test for school at the same time."

Diagnosis? He jammed his toe, and this part makes me cringe, the doctor said it went WAY up in his foot. ugh. pain. But he is all calm and nonchalant...while we waited for his prescription for some pain pills we browsed the college aisles at WalMart and went to lunch. Then today he went and got a new cell phone and seems to be just fine, gimpy some, but overall fine.

So, apparently, for my offspring, you must do harm to a toe as a precursor to beginning college.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

While we're on the subject of toes, I guess it's better to mess up a toe than to kick the bucket before going to college. WHAT? I know it's tasteless, but it's true!!

Alice said...

i wish i had gotten mine out of the way ON the way to college... instead, i started a decade-long trend of injuries while there!!

Shelley said...

That's a funny prerequisite y'all have for college! Glad this go 'round was easier on all involved!

Amy said...

wierd... but funny! Usually girls are the tough ones and boys are wimps...but not so in your household!

wafelenbak said...

How random and funny!
I am really anal about driving with proper footwear. I will tuck this story away for the next time someone thinks I'm being crazy. :)

kilax said...

Ouch! I bet I will be thinking about this the next time I drive in flip flops (tonight).

creative kerfuffle said...

funny, the difference in their reactions to their toe injuries! LOL i like that he's dubbed himself ck2.

Penny said...

I can't deal with the loud crying...It annoys me when Eli does it and he is two. I don't think I could do it anymore at 17.

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