Wednesday, July 22, 2009

really, really REAL

CK2 just packed up half my kitchen to take to his new apartment.


I know I have talked about looking forward to my 'empty nest' for a long time, I even had a countdown ticker on my MySpace eons ago. And while I am completely looking forward to being with Mr. P and accomplishing all of our goals related to work, fun and health...maybe I am sadder than I realized that my kids are all grown up.

Or maybe I just really liked those dishes....


Jen L. said...

This post definitely made me pick up Dean and cry on his head a little. He thanks you. ;)

Shelley said...

Yes to both.

And look at it this way - you can get cool new kitchen stuff now!

Penny said...

You can borrow my kid if you get too sad. Or you can come to my house and hold hands.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

New dishes! New silverware! New knives!

And you will have one cute nephew around soon, so I think you will be in good company.

creative kerfuffle said...

hell, they aren't even my kids and i'm sad. sad because i know one day i'll be in your shoes and i'll be bawling like a baby.
however, i do like the idea of new kitchen stuff : ) did he take all the towels and sheets too? cos those would be fun to buy.

Fatinah said...

ok - that made me cry. I have one year till my only goes off to university. While I cannot wait to be a "couple" (even if it's just on the surface, because of course, they are still in your life, even if they aren't messing up the kitchen), I know it's going to rip my heart out.

On the other hand, I can really, really use some new dishes.... so there may be an upside?

Amy said...

LOL... you're so sweet. It's got to be hard!

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