Monday, January 11, 2010

baby, it is COLD outside

We purposefully live in the south even amongtst the rednecks and Jesus superfans because of the temperate weather...but that has NOT been the case the last week or so. We are awaking to temperatures in the TEENS. The Fahrenheit teens, even. We are supposed to get to 45 degrees this afternoon, and I can't wait it will feel positively balmy.

I don't know if it is strictly because of the super cold, or how much fun we had in December, but Mr. P and I are about to book another cruise...for Spring Break, to BELIZE. It is the week after the half-marathon and it is making us both very excited and happy to be on a great food and workout regime with some definite goals and rewards. The cruise will be our 21st anniversary present to ourselves--but we can't go anywhere on our real anniversary (in April) because of my work schedule.

As I mentioned, we ran on Friday, then on Saturday we took the tiny boy (Eli) to lunch and a college basketball game, then I went to a slumber party at Penny's. We ate PIZZA. and CHIPS. and CANDY. and CANDY. and CANDY. and watched all THREE High School Musical movies and Eli put eyeshadow on me and we made friendship bracelets.

Yesterday, Mr. P and I went and ran the horrific 10K route AGAIN (we ran it on Friday, too...oh and I really, really liked Avatar, but there was no pants action, we fell asleep as soon as we got home...8 miles is FAR), then went to the gym to work on getting some muscles.

Can you say BELIZE in two months?!? Then we got groceries and came home and made pasta with veggies. mmmm. We watched stupid Food Network because I didn't know that Big Love started last night, but I am very excited to watch it tonight!

This morning, I weighed in and lost 3.6 pounds. WHOOP. I had been thinking I really haven't made much progress in a while, but I just checked and I was right. I am only 5.2lbs lighter now than then...but it is LESS and I have continued to run, so hopefully now that I am working on getting the food under control as well I should start losing again.

Back to my morning, I cooked dinner (chicken, salsa, corn and blackbeans in the crockpot - courtesy of Penny), took the dog for a very short walk, packed breakfast and snacks and now am at work and have taught 1 of my classes, the other starts in 5 minutes. Then I have two more meetings and will FINALLY get home at 7:30ish.

While I definitely did not relish the alarm going off this morning, it is very nice and comforting to get back into a routine!


lastchanceivf said...

I am loving this cold snap down south! Only because I know it will be 100+ in only three months or so. Yesterday, Mr. LC and I ran an 8 miler trail run and it was 33 degrees. The story gets better than that, but I'll have to post it on the blog....

That cruise sounds AWESOME. I want a trip very badly--do you need someone to stowaway in your luggage?

Not Your Aunt B said...

Ok, I am opposite than lastchance because I will take 100 degree temps any day over this cold. In fact, if it stayed over 90 all the time, I would be happy. I am a tropical girl and need...a cruise to Belize too! Not gonna happen, but it sounds so fun & relaxing! And YAY on the weight loss! A loss is a loss! But boo on the no pants action.

Penny said...

I saw on it was supposed to 46 today. That sounded WARM and I was happy but when I went outside this morning I was FREEZING. I don't really care for jogging in the COLD but I can't decide if I hate that or in the HOT worse.

Jenn said...

This weather sucks ass, lol.
Congrats on the awesome loss!!!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

All I can say is when I'm celebrating my 21st wedding anniversary, I want to be training for half marathons and planning cruise vacations. Seriously, life is good!

Shelley said... ate pizza, chips and lots of candy and you LOST 3.6 pounds?!? I really need to start running more.

This weather is too frickin' cold. I will pretty much take heat every day over this. Belize will be awesome...if I didn't like you so much I might have to hate you between your candy-induced weight loss and now another cruise!

Fatinah said...

I have to be honest - I'm jealous as hell - I cannot wait to see the pictures from that cruise!!

congrats on the 3.6lbs gone!!

kilax said...

We really want to go to Belize to scuba dive - it has the world's second largest reef (which you prob know). Are you going to do that?

Congrats on the loss! :)

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah for the loss--even though you ate candy! that is too funny. i won't poke fun at the fact that you watched all three hs musicals. ok, really? lol. love that eli put eye shadow on you. too cool. and i'm super excited (and a wee jealous) about your upcoming cruise! : )

Fatinah said...

Hotch!!! How is it possible you've never seen Brigit Jones??? Rent it!!!!

Amy said...

Can I go on the cruise with you?!?! I so need some fun in the sun!

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