Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So, this is new...

but I got the hot flashes in the night time.


Night sweats.

They are pretty awesome, and to tide me over until my vagina doctor appointment next Tuesday I did a quick web search, and WebMD had some lovely suggestions for how to ameliorate the hot flashes:


Stress. That is a tough one with some recent events.* I don't know about tenure yet. But sure, I will try to cut back on my stressful thinking.

Caffeine. Wow. I love the Diet Coke. LOVE it. That is another toughy.

Alcohol. Seriously? I like to unwind with a cold beverage now and again. It helps with the STRESS.

Spicy foods. Now they are just taunting me. We add jalapenos, red pepper flakes and Tabasco to nearly everything then wash it down with Diet Coke or BEER.

Tight clothing. DUDE, I have really started digging the yoga/running pants that make me look slimmer and shirts that FIT so I only look as big as I actually am.

Heat. I live in ALABAMA, however, the weather is currently cooperating with it being about 12 degrees right now.

Cigarette smoke. This one? I can do, hands down. I don't smoke and there is no smoking allowed in buildings in my town.

ehh, in retrospect, waking up a half dozen times completely sweaty wasn't all THAT bad...

*I got news that my dissertation chair has blood cancer, to go along with my colleague very close to dying and my friend who may or may not have a complete spinal cord injury VERY high up which could mean complete paralysis. We haven't gotten any news from his wife since the surgery.


kilax said...

How are you supposed to avoid stress with all of that going on? Jeez. I am sorry so many of your close friends and colleagues are sick, especially all at once. I guess it makes the hot flashes seem a bit better :)

What a Splurge said...

I'm pharmaceutically oriented (both husband and son are pharmacists) but I never got relief from hot flashes until I went on hormone replacement. It took about a month to kick in and I take the lowest does - but it works like a charm. I knew last summer when I stood in the walk-in refrigerator at Costco staring at the carrots, I needed help.

Hope your doctor can help you. Why put up with it?

Amy said...

I hope you find a way to deal with that! I've heard that many doctors won't allow hormone replacement anymore. I hear it's rough! And the stress is definitely rough.

Anonymous said...

Dude, 2010 is supposed to be BETTER, not worse! You are not starting out well. I am so sorry.

Penny said...

Man that totally sucks. I thought menopause started way later, not 40! Now I'm going to go Google menopause.

Shelley said...

So sorry about all of the sadness with your friends - that is a huge stressor.

I went through night sweats for about a year or so and then they went away. Weird. I still get my period, although it sometimes skips a month (yay). Do you know when your mother started menopause? You will traditionally start it around the same age she did.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I think that list is all about perspective. Hot flashes are inconvenient, but is it worth giving up your life in order to avoid them? Probably not.

At some point, you've got to start receiving good news. Seriously.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Whoa. That is STRESSFUL. Saying a prayer for your friend/colleagues. May their health improve and may they go peacefully (the one close to dying).

I have patients that swear by soy and the over-the-counter product Estroven. Of course, hormones usually always do the trick, but there are some risks depending on your medical history.

Ah menopause. Just when you thought the fun was over, it's just beginning! Why is it men don't deal with any of this????

DAVs said...

I had hot flashes when I was on depot Lupron for infertility treatment and it put me into fake menopause for three months. IT SUCKED. They'd happen randomly and of course it was summer too. In Texas. Yikes.

I hope yours are fleeting.

And I'm wishing the best for all your friends/colleagues. That is some stressful stuff HP.

Jenn said...

Man, I'm so sorry to hear about all those terrible health issues going on around you!
Can you cut out maybe one or two things to help with the night sweats? Is there something specific you had to eat that day that you could cut out (i.e. hot stuff or alcohol)?

Tammie said...

man, menopause is gonna suck for me because i dont plan on giving up any of that junk. (except for smoking, never done that.)

wafelenbak said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend and your colleague. Eesh.
I love it when I go to the doctor and anything that is going on with me at all is attributed to stress. Great, so, can you prescribe a weekend in Aruba, Herr Doctor?

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