Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Solo, selfish vacay? SCORE!

Even though it is 12:49am, and I have some researchy, worky stuff to do in 9 hours, I had to take some time to document my day on Word (this stupid expensive hotel only has free Wi-Fi in the lobby) because I was afraid that once I slept some of the activity might leak out of my brains onto these really awesome pillows.

I seriously have been having the BEST time. I have gotten to do whatever I want, whenever I want and since it is no big secret that I am a bratty, bossy, bitch, OF course this type of trip would appeal to me!

Sunday my sister took me to brunch for my birthday, and just so you know…crème brulee French toast is pretty terrific. When we got back to my sister’s house, I tallied my points…26. YIKES. (1/2 bagel with jalapeno/scallion cream cheese, aforementioned French toast, frittata, eggs Florentine, breakfast burrito, chocolate fountain on marshmallows/pineapple/strawberries and a Bloody Mary. YUM.) After we lounged around a bit and then took the baby to stomp in puddles, I headed back to my hotel to pick up my conference registration. When I got off the train, there was a street fair the entire.way back to the hotel. I grabbed a cup of fruit and leisurely walked back. It was gorgeous out, and I felt completely content with everything...a big change from the last few weeks...Once I got back I couldn’t find any of my friends (sad), so I came back to my room and got some work done for a presentation I have to do on Wednesday afternoon.

Then yesterday was SO big, I will go through it in bullets:

-2 mile Central Park jog, followed by browsing in Whole Foods picking up lunch and some healthy snacks since I caved and bought $9 gummy bears from the mini bar last night when I was working.

-After cleaning up, I walked to the Museum of Natural History. I got some decent insight to myself in that museum. I don’t much care for room after room of dead animals, I really prefer watching animals, so for me, it’s more animal behavior than animal facts…also, I really loved the Hall of Biodiversity, all the stuff about planets and space and I especially dug a special exhibit about Climate Change and I pledged to get ‘greener’. I REALLY loved the moon scale, and will be using this for all future weigh-ins.

- I then subway’ed to the East Village and ate a late lunch at an ALL macaroni and cheese restaurant. Oh.my.delicious. As I was finishing up, I got a text from friends from the PhD program, so I hustled back to the hotel to meet them.
-We went to Ground Zero (not my choice), walked through Battery Park, then rode the Staten Island Ferry (totally my choice and completely awesome to see the skyline, Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty all lit up), got on the subway to get to 112th Street to go to Tom’s Diner (the outside is the shot used in Seinfeld), then subway’ed back to Times Square, and then on the walk back to the hotel, took a quick detour to Rockerfeller Center.
-While standing at Times Square a friend from school I had.just.talked about not 10 minutes prior walked right by…so we took a ton of pictures with all of us, but not one turned out on my camera. BOO.

Tomorrow I will: do some conferencing, go shopping at OLD NAVY with the giftcard my sister gave me for my birthday as I am nearly out of clothes and I don't go home for several days, go to dinner at Tavern on the Green, and YAHOO, Mr. P arrives!!!!
My legs/lowerback/and shoulders (?) are exhausted, so I know I am burning a ton of calories...I have not been WAY careful on food (read aforementioned brunch choices), but I have made sure I am getting all my fruits/veggies and water.
Old Navy awaits!


Alice said...

omg, i JUST COMMENTED on someone else's blog how i was going to be in nyc this sunday and want to go to the mac & cheese place! JEALOUS!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I am so JEALOUS. I want your sister to take me to brunch (so, so yummy). I want to jog in Central Park. I want to go to the mac & cheese place (more yumminess). I want to tour NYC. I want to eat at Tavern on the Green (really fancy yumminess). I want to shop.

Sounds like you're having an awesome time. Next time take me okay?

DAVs said...

I am always always always jealous of NYC trips! I'm such a nice person:)

Seriously, we WALKED all the way to Tom's Diner, more than once. It is a helluva long way. Then I ate grilled cheese and chocolate milk there. Delish. The first time we went we were on the Seinfeld Reality Tour with the real Kramer, and we took our picture with him in front of the diner. We're such dorks! So does this mean you like Seinfeld, as I know your sis does not....

I'm glad you're having such a divine time! I wish I was there!

Tammie said...

im always jealous of NYC trips too! dammit!

and i wouldnt worry too much about food choices--it's not everyday you get brunch in NYC..plus, look at all the exercise you're getting. rock on!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

It's so cool that you're really taking advantage of your time in New York and seeing lots of different neighborhoods. Very cool. I love that city.

And also, on the dieting front? I think you're playing it smart. You're enjoying your time in New York and eating at all the fun places you want to eat, but you're also trying to maintain some of the regimen of your diet. So what if you get off track this week ... you'll be right back on track next week!

Jenn said...

I lived in Staten Island and rode the ferry to and from work for years - it is a great way to get into the city! I've also been on that ferry at 4AM after clubbing all night - veeeery interesting group of people then, lol!
Sounds like you are really having fun. Even though I live only an hour from the city now, I barely get a chance to go in. I'm living vicariously through you today!

wafelenbak said...

I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of NYC, but that mac & cheese place might be enough to get me to go back! :)
I want the moon scale. Especially since I just ate a Twix bar for no good reason. Wah.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your having fun! I miss you and can't wait to see you, the aunt/uncle, and the baby!


tara said...

I read this entry. Really I did. But comprehension was reduced to:

"blah blah blah blah creme brulee french toast blah blah blah blah blah blah blah macaroni and cheese"

LiLu said...

That mac 'n cheese looks positively DREAMY.

creative kerfuffle said...

i did not know a mac and cheese only place existed. me thinks this must mean there really is a god! LOL.
your trip sounds sooo awesome and fun and makes me miss (a little) my work trips to nyc. there really are some great things about that place.
i hope your presentation went great!

HopeFool said...

I was in NYC Sunday-Wednesday and stayed on Times Square too.

Our pillows were also awesome.

Were you at the Crowne Plaza too?

Glad you're packing your days with awesomeness.

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