Thursday, August 27, 2009

She doesn't like the letter "W" anymore

Here is a text conversation that I had with my sister yesterday:

Penny: Mom can't live on west [ ] anymore because she doesn't like "w"s.
HP: What?
Penny: She doesn't like that letter, duh.
Penny: Right, dad. And all the other men she dated had a w in their name, except Tommy and he's dead. (my sister is just relaying mom's 'logic' here...not her words)

My mother called Penny and asked her to check out a different place for her to live...I figured it was our insistence that her being the lone old lady at a college complex might be weird, but she told Penny it was the whole "w" thing...and unlike me, Penny doesn't probe her when she says these insane things, but apparently mom persevered and got in her explanation anyhow (see the boyfriend explanation above).

But, alas, the new place was already rented, so she is back to the dastardly "W" place but supposedly there is a 'path' that will take her out onto a different street so the "W" wouldn't really count. (I don't dare tell her the different is a "West" too.)

damn she is a fuckanoodle.


Shelley said...

On the bright side, I think you have the perfect subject for your blog/book...

Not Your Aunt B said...

What! Who wouldn't want W? Wacko woman.

Penny said...

I think everyone thinks we are mean for making fun of our mother.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

See what you have to look forward to when you get old? hehehe

Fatinah said...


PS: "fuckanoodle"? I will be using that one!!

DAVs said...

Oh dear.

That's all I can really say...

creative kerfuffle said...

fuckanoodle. i love it.
hey, maybe you can tell her it's really an m turned upside down?

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