Friday, August 21, 2009

my name is HP and

I love Costco and an empty house.

Even though CK2 moved out over a week ago, we have barely had two nights at home together since Dad showed up for two days, my cousin from Virginia that I hadn't seen in 6 years was in Alabama for business and she visited the latter half of the week, actually we just got back from taking her to the airport, and we should have a stretch of a week being home alone. (Then I take off for a weekend with my friends from high school.)

On our way home from the airport we decided to cruise around a Costco to see if it was any better than Sam's...we have a Sam's in our town, and we would have to drive an hour to go to shop at a Costco, so it would have to be really good because I don't dig riding in the car, but...OH.MY.COSTCO. I am in complete love. They have all the stuff I like, Kashi, cheese, fruit, boneless/skinless chicken breast in two portion packets (perfect for empty nesters, like myself and Mr. P), lots of delicious looking stuff. We didn't join and shop today, because we didn't have a cooler with us, but one night this week I will be feasting on horseradish cheddar cheese on multi-grain crackers, and maybe a piece of grilled chicken mixed into a bowl of couscous pasta salad....mmm.

I also saw an INCREDIBLY tacky AWESOME chandelier that I totally want to have even though it is quite ridiculous. Check it here. I want to put colored Christmas lights in it. I can not even believe how much I want it. I just left Costco two hours ago, and I had to look it up online as soon as I got home (they only had gold, and I wanted to see it in chrome). It would be an incredibly stupid buy at this point considering I live in a rental for now, and I have no idea what/where we are moving into next July.

Speaking of moving, we got this email from my mom today:
I will be moving to [redacted] Apartments sometime around Oct20 to nov 15-excited, mom

That was the complete message. It made my stomach hurt, but as my sister pointed out, there is good news---apparently she realized I wasn't keen on the moving in with me plan.

On the way home the weather was weird...first we saw these low, low clouds:

Then it POURED. Then the sky looked like this:

Now I am in complete heaven watching a Criminal Minds marathon on my new chaise that Mr. P bought me last Friday. Z's will be fast approaching I am sure. I think we might try to go to the lake for a few hours tomorrow, or we might be TOO lazy and watch television all day and do mock fantasy football drafts and eat take out Mellow Mushroom.


Shelley said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love storm clouds!

Ahhh, Costco...we belonged when we lived in California and I loved it and spent entirely too much money there, because they actually have cool things, as opposed to Sam's, where they just have plain jane boring stuff that luckily doesn't tempt me. That said, if we had a Costco nearby, I would join again in a heartbeat!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Costco is dangerous. And they have excellent customer service. That chandelier is pretty, but OMG the price tag. That's how Costco is though. Love the photos and YIKES on your mom. Did I mention Costcos usually have a liquor store they own right next to the store that you don't have to be a member to use? You may need that. Don't tell your mom.

Jen L. said...

Oh, my shit, I love Costco. I make my father in law take me every time we visit them. You can practically eat lunch from the samples in the store! They have some of the best beef on the planet.

You need the chandelier. Put it in your office. OR save it at your house to put in your spare bedroom in case your mom changes her mind about moving in with you.

Anonymous said...

Kashi and chicken breasts... sounds so healthy!

Love those weather pictures. Tonight there was a bad storm here and they were predicting HAIL... in August. Weird. Maybe it's the End of Days?

Lucy said...

We only have Sam's in my neck of the woods but from the comments that is probably a good thing for me (lol).

Enjoy your do nothing day, I love those kind of days and now that my kids are older we actually get a few more than we use to!!!!

Penny said...

I want to go to Costco too! I lived about 5 minutes from one before but now I want to drive an hour and go to Costco with you!

kilax said...

We don't shop at Sam's or Costco, but we just found out from our neighbors that you can get a HUGE box of vegan boca burgers there, so we are going to ask them to pick us up a box ;)

creative kerfuffle said...

we heart costco. heart it. i have weaned myself though, cos i got to the point where i'd spend $300 every time we went. on groceries. granted, i only went once a month, but i still had to go to the regular grocery store for things costco didn't have.
and i love the chandelier! and the pics. love storms.

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