Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I don't even know myself anymore....

Yesterday Mr. P informs me that he has to leave the house at 6am to be on a job site at 8am Eastern time (we live in Central time, but very close to the border). I do some quick time math and realize that if I relied on Mr. P for a ride to work, I likely would not get my run in before I went in to work, and that just wasn't going to work for me. WHAT?!?

So, instead of getting up a bit later and just skipping my run, I got up EXTRA early (WHAT?!?)and ran under the stars for the first half of my morning 5K, then watched the sun come up for the second half, showered, fixed my BREAKFAST (WHAT?!?) and then walked to the bus stop (a mile away) and headed into work.

Taught my classes, then remembered there is a catered work lunch. I went in, chatted for a bit, then promptly left even.though. there were chicken salad croissants. and brownies. (WHAT?!?) Instead, I am about to take a quick walk downtown with my book and enjoy a 6.5 point lunch because my sister just texted and asked if we wanted to meet for dinner (YES) and I want to be conservative with my lunch points.

There is some other stuff...I had a work thing last night and at the end there was an ice.cream.cart. I easily picked strawberry sorbet (but then sadly came to realize has lots of points anyhoo), and then came home and ate a packet of spinach and a packet of corn for, NOT balanced...but I was hungry, and it was that or split a frozen pizza with Mr. P. Then I even passed up Diet Coke, because I wanted to skip the nighttime caffeine so I could sleep well to get up and be ready to go today.

Are all my choices coming this easy? NO, but for some reason they are today.

OH, and I know you all think I am a bitch for being mean regarding my mother's decor, but DUDES....come know it is bizarre to put up wallpaper in an APARTMENT that you are renting for just a few years. Maybe it would help if you knew she got the wallpaper for $.99 a roll AND nearly every wall in that apartment is painted a different color. Doors too. And that she dug my sister's husband's old boxers out of her trash to use as 'rags' and that she still has clothes my sister wore in 8th grade that she My sister is 32. 32.


DAVs said...

Quit making me laugh at work!

Congrats on all those healthy eating and exercising choices. I, myself, find it strangely calming to start a run while still dark and watch the sun come up.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Oh my. My head is spinning. And that's just from the comment at the end. I think the boxers and sister's clothes got to me.

Penny said...

I think they are just speechless, I mean what do you say to that? They also probably figure we are crazy too...I mean how could we not be.

Good job on the healthy choices...remind me that I don't NEED any fried corn.

Tammy said...

Good for you on the work-out and food choices!

Your Mom's "decorating" makes me laugh. Probably because it reminds me of my MIL. Until the most recent re-decoration they had peach/light green walls in part of the home. And blue/purple in the rest. Not to mention that she has all these decorations on her walls that come from garage sales. She is especially fond of geese. Oh and she still has my DH's BROWN suit from his HS grad. He is 42. "But he might wear it some day!"
And to think DH & I will get to inherit all that crap, um yeah. LOL

creative kerfuffle said...

you mean you aren't supposed to use old boxers as rags? my bad.
holy health kick batman. you are rockin' the casbah on all of your wonderful choices : ) i for one, even if i were a skinny healthy person, would have totally slept in late and rode w/ mr. p.
i will have to catch up to see what all this mom stuff is about. lol

Fatinah said...

holy crap! look at you go!

remember when you were looking for ideas to be made into movies.

I think you mom is.the.answer. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Today is a day I need to be inspired regarding my food intake and exercise. If you can get up to run under the stars, then I'm going to commit to being able to run after work despite potential rain. Thank you.

wafelenbak said...

I want some of what you got. My alarm went off at 6am to wake me up for a run, and I snoozed until 7. Tonight the boy and I are going out with another couple so no time to run now. :(

Jen L. said...

Holy wow, healthy! :)

OMG, I cannot take your mom. I am a bitch too, obviously, because I'm STILL WAITING for pictures of her bathroom!!!!!

Shelley said...

Wow, I am so impressed! I had a similar feeling not too long ago when I realized I was putting my diet and exercise first, instead of using the challenges that pop up as excuses to not do what I should. You go HP!!!

kilax said...

Good for you! I miss my days like that. Damn. I need to get over this funk.

Anonymous said...

I have totally had that experience of not even knowing myself anymore. Like last month I was kind of annoyed that a friend's party fell on the night before the Nia workshop & jam. I didn't want to be tempted to drink the night before a lot of exercise!

But wait, I realize that I should not even be comparing my minor successes to your daybreak run. You are a Health Goddess!

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