Monday, August 24, 2009

It is all a matter of taste

I am quite sure that anyone of you who entered my home would severely question my taste. I have a bathroom painted nearly fluorescent orange with a cat and dog theme. I collect plastic animals from places that Mr. P and I have visited, and I display them proudly. I let Mr. P choose the furniture for our living room, and let's just say that a maroon sectional is not getting us into Architectural Digest.

While I am quirky, my Mom is downright, my sister likes to say tacky, and well, I just go with a plain old hideous, but I will let you choose your own adjective. This is a recent picture of her living room of her APARTMENT. Now me? I especially love the pine straw woven around the curtain rod AND the bathroom shelving unit blocking the door:

Now, here we have the dining room, and the hallway to the bedroom and bathroom. I super love the curtains with the fake butterfly leading into the little hallway AND the very flowery wallpaper. My aunt thinks it is a Provencal cottage. I completely see that.

So, now do you get a little more why her moving into my house might not be my favorite idea?!?

It is official she is NOT moving into my house, she is moving into a college apartment complex....because they have a pool and workout area. I am sure those college kids will dig her bikini top and cut off sweat pants as much as I do!


Not Your Aunt B said... I am not sure what to say... though I am the last one that needs to say anything as I have lived in my house for 5 years and there is nary anything permanently hung on the walls.

Jen L. said...

Dear. Baby. Jesus. What is that on the back of the couch!!? It kind of looks like a ceramic armadillo or a stuffed raccoon. Can we zoom in on that?

Broom on wall = awesome.

These pictures are magical. I want to see the bathroom. PLEASE tell me there is a padded pink toilet sink. PLEEEEASE!

DAVs said...

Oh dear. I'm left, commentless.

Please no pics of the bikini top and cut off sweatpants.

Penny said...

Dude. That is just so awful. It gives me a seizure to look at it too closely. I can't wait to see how she decorates her new house!

Tammie said...

oh my......oh my.
i just dont know what to say.

creative kerfuffle said...

sweet jeebus. wow. i especially like the curtains hung on the doorway--ala a massage parlor. not that i've been in one, but that's how they look in the movies. i tried to zoom in and couldn't. perhaps it's been that way. thank god she's not living w/ you. does she REALLY wear a bikini top and sweat pants? ohhhh, is she moving into a college complex near either ck1 or ck2? lol
my wordify is oveychie. why does that amuse me?

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