Friday, April 17, 2009

float plan.

When I took the boating safety course you have to take to get your license, I learned that one rule of good sense is to file your float plan with a friend or neighbor so in case you don't return, they know where to dredge the lake to find your skeleton.

I figured I would just tell you guys...we are headed out on the boat. We have packed up our camping gear, some yummy (and point friendly) camping food, some water proof cards, the radio to listen to tunes and the Braves game, and we are just about ready to head out. If I don't check in by Sunday...come find my skeleton. (My kids and sister read this, they will know where to send the skeleton dredging boat.)

OH, but before we left, I wanted to thank you all for your outrage over the fatty bashing by the airlines, and advice regarding my lunch date. At this point I am leaning towards going to the lunch....Mr. P wants me to go and "get closure", flaunt what we have done with ourselves.

Yes, the high road.

ETA: No need to call 1-800-Skl-eton, we made it home safe and sound. Had a perfect 24 hours on the lake...we saw a regatta, pretty fancy, and a scorpion, not so fancy. Going out now to buy candy, soda and pizza for our kiddos...tonight is prom night and the highschool kid didn't really want to go, so the college kid is hosting a 'dance party' for him. We are providing the refreshments!


Alice said...

heehee, i'm glad i'm not the only one leaning toward the "high road"... ;-)

have fun on the boat!!

DAVs said...

You crack me up.
Have a fun time boating! We were supposed to go boating tomorrow with my sister and family but it is raining like crazy here. Boo.

And if your boat goes down, you won't be a skeleton by Sunday :)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I want a boat. It is so nice to go out on the lake and escape. Have fun!

creative kerfuffle said...

i hope you have an awesome time and they don't have to dredge the lake for your skinny ass ; )

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys had fun and that your boat is working again! You must be so happy to be officially in boating season with a new healthy boat!

How was the party?

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