Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Hotch Potch

Last month I went and checked out a rental house for my sister and happened upon another rental property .1 miles away. Yesterday we went and looked at it, and it is pretty cute, and we took it. It felt Mr. P and I were preparing to shack up...we picked out a house based ONLY on what we want and need, with no regards to school zone, bedroom size (except master), etc. We have only lived alone together for 5 months...the 5 months from when we got married until when the college kid made her appearance. I picked up the highschool kid from school right after we made the decision and he had his cap and gown and graduation invitations. Things are happening so so fast.

Mr. P and I took the day off today. We went out to lunch, then watched Slumdog Millionaire and Marley & Me. Afterwards, we decided we wanted to make taco salads for dinner so we headed to the store. Today was the first day since embarking on this healthy, healthy, healthy journey that I have really, really wanted sweets. Everything just looked so damn good, cookies, candy, cake, pies, candy, candy, candy. It was brutal. I seriously debating skipping dinner and eating an ENTIRE jar of marshmallow fluff. I went so far as to calculate the points (15, by the way). I was serious. It was bad. So bad that while we were in line I decided I better chew a piece of Extra gum to help with the cravings. Mr. P was standing ahead of me and he turned around and saw me chewing. He said, "WHAT are you eating?" I said, "Extra gum." He started laughing and said, "Man, I thought you were eating a candy bar."

To try to curb my cravings, I baked an angel food cake and subbed crushed pineapple for the water. I made a mixture of blackberries, strawberries and blueberries, and will top it all off with Cool Whip. I hope it works.

A new donut shop opened and it isn't that far off the 5K route we are doing tomorrow morning. I would hate it if I got "lost".


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

This is the worst weekend to embark on a no sweets goal- especially after Easter when the candy will be real cheap- BUT YOU CAN DO IT! And the angel food cake sounds yum. I make something like that in the summer and it is good.

kilax said...

Oh gosh. I hate it when the sugar cravings hit! When it happens, I feel like nothing else can substitute for it, which is really awful, since I gave up sugar for Lent.

I am happy you were able to fight it! Your pineapple for water trick sounds good! I should try that!

I think if you run, and you want a donut, you deserve it :)

Anonymous said...

I ate about 1000 M&Ms yesterday and then wanted to barf. There is more candy tomorrow, I'm already out of my weekly points and my activity points...I am going to have to find some self control!

OH. When we got that house I really didn't consider school zones...but I should have...Steamboat will go to first grade there. SOB...Luckily it is a very good school.


DAVs said...

Mmmmmmm, donuts.
Yesterday we ate way too much junk. Pizza (even though it was loaded with veggies it's still pizza, you know?). We picked up said pizza AFTER doing a long trail run, as in we were sweaty when we went in to get the pizza. Nothing like undoing your workout pretty much immediately! And then I finally caved and had some ChickFilA fries later on! And their lemon pie. Geez.
But if it makes you feel any better, today I feel like CRAP.
Hope your angel food cake was delish!

tara said...

Fruit usually works for me. That cake sounds wonderful! Not that I am much inspiration, what with marauding girl scouts and sugary holidays making it so easy for me to ruin my own life.

DAVs said...

HP I forgot to ask if you liked Slumdog?? I loved it. One of my favorite movies ever. And I love the soundtrack (so much that Lee and I had to do that little Bollywood dance...). I want to see it again!

DAVs said...

OH HP. I hope my blog didn't offend. I didn't mean to imply all young unintentional pregnancies mean the parents aren't prepared, or aren't good parents. I mean, your family sounds AWESOME.

I will go trail running. For some reason, that is fun and I was able to go for an hour no problemo. I think something about being off the regular road...but I'm not back to regular running.

And yeah, SM was gritty. But still so good! I thought the cinematography was incredible.

andrea. said...

I think you and I are in some kind of bizarre parallel universe -- I have a jar of marshmallow Fluff sitting RIGHT NEXT to my laptop as I read this post! And I have NEVER bought fluff in my life, only I bought it this weekend for the fruit dip I'm making as part of Easter dinner. This is totally like that time I posted about the Fibre 1 bars and fruit salad. Weird!

Jen L. said...

Congrats on the new place!
I have to go upstairs now and hide from the bag of Ruffles.

Jen said...

Once again you are in the top 3 for the BLBE - WAY TO GO!!!
You are doing so well in this challenge, keep up the good work!

Astarte said...

I got lost this morning at 5am when the dog puked on the bedroom floor. On the way back to bed, the apple pie on the counter kidnapped me and made me eat a piece. I swear, it literally jumped down my throat before I could stop it. Damn pie.

Awesome news on the house!!!! Wow, graduation invites. Holy crap.

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