Tuesday, April 7, 2009


First the boat broke, now my iPod.

I have become diehard when it comes to my scheduled runs, and on Sunday, that bit me in the ass. I started a jog, and the bottom dropped out and I got soaked...and so did my iPod. MintyLou was fine when I got back inside, then yesterday morning...nada...the damn thing would not. turn. on. I ended up having to jog my 1.25 miler prework workout without any music. oh man. It bit.

I wish I could say I was more upset that I broke it. I have been not so secretly lusting after the new orange iPod nanos. I look at them, and smile at them, and lust after them everytime I see them. It is downright obnoxious. I am Apple's target market...I LOVE their gadgets. I kept thinking...if MintyLou doesn't recover, I probably can get a new one...

After work yesterday Mr. P picked me up so that we could go watch the college kid present her research at an undergrad research forum. It was pretty neat. There are these salamanders that field guides say are "identical" and her research demonstrates that in fact, that is not the case. Tonight we go back to see if she won an award. That would be cool. (ETA: SHE TOTALLY WON her division. A plaque and $100!)

But, back to iPods. When I got in Mr. P's truck, look what he had for me:

Let me introduce you to my new jogging/gym BFF: OrangeUGladys. I love her. We did a 5K earlier today, and I think I ran a bit faster with her latched onto my arm.

I have learned my lesson. If in the future I insist on rainy jogs, I will stuff OrangeUGladys into my bra for safekeeping!


Shelley said...

Can I just say that Mr. P rocks?!?

Nice to meetcha, OrangeUGladys!

Astarte said...

He is awesome, and that thing is great!!!

Maybe you could clip it to your shorts instead if it's a little rainy, so it would be protected by your shirt. They must make waterproof covers for the little darlings, too, by now, I would think. Actually, I should look into that.

Jen L. said...

Uh, Mr. P. is kind of awesome. She's a beauty!

Good luck to the college kid!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Way to go Mr. P! I like your new ipod. If I could only get my Nike+ to work, we would be back on track!

Alice said...

dude! mr p = a sweetiepie!

also, i LOVE your names for the ipods. hee!

Anonymous said...

I like the orange too! I will miss the super cool engraving the other one had though....What do you do to your iPods, we have had the same ones for years and they don't break. (I'm sure they will break now)


DAVs said...

Aww, that was super sweet!
You know I've never run to music. For some reason I like hearing my feet on the pavement, my breathing, and then of course sometimes I'm yakking with Lee.

tara said...

Yep, Mr P is awesome.
ANd so are you, for running anyway.

kathi said...

Congrats to your daughter!

WaterPROOF cases for iPods are pretty expensive, but since you are a boater too, maybe worth it? A work friend has one from H2O Audio and I guess they even have models that you can scuba dive with: http://www.h2oaudio.com/

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Ooooh, OrangeUGladys is awfully cute. Go you!

creative kerfuffle said...

she's hawt! and mr. p gets big points for that, so incredibly sweet! and how awesome is that the college kid proved them wrong on the salamander AND got money! whoot whoot!

Queen Lindsay said...

I always stuff my nano in my bra when I go running. errr, I mean walking..I don't run lol

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