Monday, April 20, 2009


NO, NO. Not a 100% on my Fat Test, I got a 87.52% (down another 2.4lbs) on that, but a 100% on my wellness meter. It took a week, but I am back to good as new. No more Sicky McGoo.

On Wednesday I decided I was over being sick, and if maybe I could try some mind over matter. I was still feeling not so great on Wednesday but tried a jog. I got about halfway and thought death was imminent. On Thursday, I did two mile jog, that went okay. Then I went to Body Pump, the first half went really well, the second half....not so much. Then Friday we headed out camping, and I felt pretty decent, with some sniffles. Saturday, a little better. Yesterday, I did a 2.25 mile jog, and Body Pump and they felt GREAT.

So thanks for all the well wishes on feeling better! They worked.

Now, if I could impose just a bit is the "meeting" of the mucky mucks on pre-deciding my tenure fate. I did manage to get acceptance number 8 last week, but still have some unresolved issues on acceptance number 7, so haven't gotten too excited. It might just have to be a 7 replacement. So, if your brain is spare a few thoughts for whatever reason, how about a positive thought this way? I should get the official word by the end of this week.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

I'm glad you are feeling better!


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts, juju, mojo, karma, luck, and wishes your way! Come on tenure! Woot woot!

And that is awesome about losing weight! Body pump kills. I still have nightmares from that class. The slow reps are what hurt the worst!

wafelenbak said...

Hooray for the power of the blogosphere! Good thoughts headed your way...

Alice said...

HOORAY for being 100% on health!! that's such a good feeling.

*concentrating on good thoughts for #7*

Astarte said...

I'm so glad that you're better. Thank heavens. When I'm sick, really, all I want to do is lay on the couch and nosh on feel-good food.

How do you find your motivation? I have such a hard time reminding myself when I'm at, say, Target at the checkout and the candy calls to me. It's only ONE thing, it doesn't matter, I tell myself, and then, SHOCK, it matters, and I'm right back where I started. Sigh.

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