Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just sit right back...

...and I will tell you a tale, of our boat conking out in the middle of the lake today. The first three hours out on the water were amazing. We road around, we anchored and read magazines and listened to music. I even jumped in for a "polar bear swim", the water was 62.5 degrees, which was invigorating for the 30 seconds I was in the water!

We were headed to the island we self-named (where we typically camp) to see what changes occured over the winter, and all of a sudden, she shuddered (the boat), and quit. Mr. P tried a few things, figured out what was wrong, knew he couldn't fix it, and we called for a tow. It was sad leaving our baby boat at the lake, but she had to stay to see the boat doctor tomorrow. We came home, and now Mr. P is on his way back to the lake to cover her up since we are supposed to have another bout with rainy weather.

This incident made me really appreciate how attitude makes a world of difference. When my dad had a boat if it broke down he got all freaked out and everyone got tense because he was so was awful. Today, while I knew Mr. P was upset, (he thinks if the boat breaks he has let me down), I just told him..."You know we had a great couple of hours, and if she were going to break, better it be just us, with nowhere to be, and money in the glove box to cover a tow." He agreed. So instead of sitting around tense and upset, we soaked up some sun and listened to music during our time anchored waiting for the tow, then enjoyed our ride back across the lake.

The boat would be broken either way, but because we both stayed positive, the day will go down as a very, very good one. I am a little sunburnt, a little tired from all the air, and very, very much liking April way more than March!

ETA: I called my sister because I thought it was funny that we both commented on another blog at the exact same time, and she asked me how boating was now that I have lost some weight. It was crazy the difference that 25 pounds made. My booty fit in the captain's chair, AND after my swim I pulled myself right back up into the boat without needing Mr. P to pull me in!


DAVs said...

That's such a great point about attitude. And one I want to carry with me when I finally have a family. I grew up in a family where sometimes my Dad was so tense we all tippey-toed around him and any small, minor setback in a day's plans could be made out to be monumental. At any rate, it's good to be reminded that nothing like that has to repeat--we're the adults now, etc. etc.

Hope the boat doctor has an easy time diagnosing and curing!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

So jealous you were out at the lake. Sounds so nice. And that is awesome about the weight loss too, though I would NOT have gotten into the water. Brrr!

Hope your boat is good and back in the water soon.

kilax said...

A good attitude makes ALL the difference! And that's great that you are able to sit in the chair better and pull yourself up. Hmm, I wonder if I will have an easier time pulling myself back on to the innertube at the river this year?

Jen L. said...

I'm glad you guys got to go out today. We went to the lake, but didn't take the boat. Glad you guys had a good attitude about your little set-back. Hope the repair is a minor one!
And YAY for weightloss!

Anonymous said...

a three hour tour...a three hour tour. I've got nothing real to add to this conversation that I didn't say last night, but way to go on the weight loss!

megmegmeg said...

Hmm... did we all have the same Dad? I remember many a Christmas, sweating bullets as my dad tried to get new toys to work. Pathetic. I feel blessed every day that my home is not that way, and that my kids are not growing up like I did. Also, I'm sooo jealous of your boating- there are worse places to be stranded!

creative kerfuffle said...

i love the attitude. it makes me feel good.

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