Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why HotchPotchery?

I have wanted to move my blog to blogger for a couple of weeks, but I couldn't think of a good name...all the blogs I love to read have incredibly clever names and seem to really fit the bloggers.

I was not clever, or original with my first blog address or name, and once found, it is EASILY identifiable as me...the pictures and our real names definitely aid any blog detectives. Anyway, one night about two weeks ago I wrote a post about some frustration I was feeling at work and after I went to bed I couldn't sleep...I was sure someone from work would find the post, send it around, and I would get the academic version of Dooced (not fired, just not tenured).

I lied there laid there lay there continued to rest on my bed, not able to sleep, until I got up and deleted the whole post. Then today I wrote a long post about the gnome of a creature that is my mother and I got motivated to start what is hopefully going to be my secret blog...secret from my parents, my work, and my family..other than my sister. (I found her secret blog, and believe she will find mine quite easily...not that she frequently googles hotchpotchery, but I will comment on a few blogs that she frequents so that she can put it will be more fun that way (for me)).

Whew, all that to get now to the name...I love some elements of other blogs, like daily pictures, themes, humor, and so I wanted to create a blog where I could do any or all of that stuff whenever I feel up to it, mixed in with hate mail to my parents, love letters to my husband, gushing about how awesome my teenagers are, bitching about how awful my teenagers are, and occasionally, should my mom ever find updates and a picture of my dog, and should my dad ever find of me drinking beer. Hence, a hotchpotchery.

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Swistle said...

Ha ha! Great idea. I love "our real names definitely aid any blog detectives."

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