Thursday, September 18, 2008

For the love of (cheddar) Jack

Edited to add: This is my favorite blog post, and I thought I would bring 'er over too. A little funny to go with my sad.

I was making my dinner of brown rice, black beans, HOT salsa, and cheese and I got laughing out loud when I was adding the cheese...I remembered a conversation Mr. Potchery and I had at Kroger on Saturday afternoon. Just remembering it makes me not as annoyed that he was crabby because somehow the side view mirror got broken off the car at the movie parking lot last night. (Even though when my sister did the same thing to her car he fixed it because he knew my Dad would be a jerkoff about it.)

Scene: Hotch Potchery and Mr. Potchery strolling down the cheese/wine cooler isle at Kroger.

Mr. P: We need cheese for my baked potato.
Me: Ok.
Mr. P: (Putting Kraft Shredded Cheddar Jack into the cart) I like Cheddar Jack.
Me: Ok.
Mr.P: I don't know why you always buy Colby Jack.
Me: mmm, look at these green tea wine coolers....
Mr. P: I mean it, I like the taste of Cheddar with Jack better than Colby with Jack.
Me: Got it. Cheddar Jack.
Mr. P: I will punch you in your face and then divorce you if you buy Colby Jack again.

FYI...he really wouldn't punch me over Colby Jack, but I would definitely move out town if someone switched the BudLight out of his kegorator.

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