Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He is one of "them"...you know...a liberal...

I am not overly involved in politics. I vote when the time comes, but I do not campaign, adorn buttons or stickers, donate money or anything else that would help someone get elected. I do not hate W., and while his public speaking skills leave much to be desired, I do not think it is rational to blame one human for the clusterfuck that this country has suffered as of late. That all being said, I am ready for change and will be voting for Barack Obama as soon as the polls open (which I saw on the news last night is now in some places). I also know that I am not fond of Palin, but I recognize that I am basing my judgment on a People magazine story and Tina Fey's portrayal of her on SNL. I am pro-choice, want gun control, and think everyone should read as many books as they can (even though I did find on snopes.com that the book banning story was false).

That all being said, I try not to get swayed by the political ads for either side...I understand their purpose...Hey, I have been known to send Mr. P to grab a Sonic junior banana split or McDonald's doublecheeseburger because those ads remind me that I was STARVING to death at that very second, but I get that political ads are just, well...political ads.

BUT, today I saw an ad that did decide my vote in a local race:

You would think the word liberal meant a person who wants to kill all the babies, puppies and flowers, not a person who favors progress and reform...what a bastard. Segall, I don't even really know what you are running for...but you have my vote.

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