Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ugh...car troubles

Over the course of our marriage, Mr. P and I have insured (read that to mean either we bought, or were given the car by my parents) 10 cars over 19 years, and we have had HORRENDOUS car luck. [After writing the post, I re-read and realize we bear quite a bit of the responsibility...it isn't just the car fates fucking with us. Plus I had a post in mind where I talk about my Dad not being a very good Dad but now I can see how often he has given us vehicles...so I guess I will have to wait until all the cars are in good working order to bitch about that...]

1. Dodge Daytona 1989-1990 (given as present) totaled by drunk driver...my Dad was making the payments so the payoff went to him, so we were left with no car, no dollars. I was married and pregnant, so we were on our own after that.

2. Mercury Lynx 1989-1990 (Mr. P bought before we met) we were young and poor and pregnant and stupid and gave the car back to Ford so they could auction it, naively believing they were trying to help us...thus a reposession on our credit report.

3. Ford Granada Station Wagon 1990, 1995-2000 (Dad lent us this car, post repo, then again post Dodger crash, see #6). This car, "Woody" died of natural causes...we are still sad.

4. Mazda 323 1990-1994 (we bought in Germany) had to sell when we were returning to US because of the safety glass, or lack thereof

5. Ford Escort 1995-2000 (we bought) three weeks after purchase, crack in engine block. Got fixed, and drove during undergrad with no a/c. I don't really remember what the end game for this car was...will check with Mr. P while watching Fringe later. Edited to add: apparently when I was driving it, the head gasket blew, and we sold it for scrap, and that is why I bought the Neon #7...so it really only lasted until 1998.

6. Dodge Cavalier 1995 (we bought with #5) MAN, I loved this car. It was the best car I ever had...got totaled a few weeks after starting college. We used the payoff so that we could work less in school, and Dad said we could have "Woody" back.

7. Dodge Neon 1999-2006 (first NEW car we bought) this was a nice car...one week before I mailed my final payment, our daughter totaled it when she backed up with the door caught on something and bent the frame.

8. Chevy Suburban 2004-present (Dad lent when daughter began driving). This truck is the reason for my post tonight...crazy on gas, and two weeks ago we had to get new "power boosters" for the brakes, and today...transmission problems. Plus over the weekend, it got towed.

9. Chevy Camaro 2006 - 2007 (Mom gave my kids) This car was a 1986 Camaro Z28 with T tops...my mom moved away and left it parked, after 5 years Mr. P went and got it and fixed it up for daughter after she wrecked #7. Daughter totaled this car last summer after rear-ending a truck because she was driving while wearing FLIP FLOPS.

10. Pontiac Grand Am 2006 - Present. (We bought). this is now our one and only functioning car, and in the last month it has had to get new brakes and is having some overheating problems. Our son is the primary driver.

So now we have three people with school and jobs, and while we were hanging in with two cars, one car is going to be more difficult. I should preface this all to say, we have good jobs and make a decent living but because we have a daughter who likes to wreck cars (well she probably doesn't like to, she just does), any new car will break us with insurance payments, and we have a 17 year old son which doesn't help.

I do have to take some blame...we are terrible with our money, and because of our lack of budgeting sense (yes, I am an accountant, get that), we have less than stellar credit and I can't bear to pay the insane interest. So this is a whoa is me, I wish I had an Explorer Hybrid that worked all the live long day. And had an iPod plug-in.

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