Monday, June 21, 2010

what I did today

  • Slept through the alarm set for 5:30am and managed to drag out of bed at 7am. I set the alarm so early because starting next Monday I have to teach a class at 8am and the heat makes it impossible to run at times other than 7am and 7pm. I like TV at 7pm.
  • I weighed in DANGEROUSLY close to scootching up a decade. I immediately logged into, updated my weight and made a note to self to get shit together. asap.
  • Started week 2 (note that week 1 happened several weeks ago) of my half marathon training. AND AND AND, I warmed up and stretched before I ran. Pain free the first mile (well, my hip/knee crap, lungs? different question), then a bit of pain the second mile. Managed a decent time for me. Stretched again. Iced hip.
  • Made a frappe with my new Mr. Coffee Cafe Frappe. YUM. (Impulse buy yesterday because I was sure that it would help me through said early morning class starting next week.)
  • Watered plants. Fell in love with my baby cucumbers all over again. Tried to decide how many times we are going to have to have Thai food based on the 450 peppers that are growing.
  • Showered.
  • Wrote three blog posts and deleted of them.
  • Quit the gym. OF COURSE, you have to quit by the 20th so you don't get charged an extra month. I bet they change the form every day so that you are always a day late. fuckers. I want to quit the gym!
  • Changed my address at the post office.
  • Went to Chick Fil A for lunch and to read to decompress for class.
  • Taught an hour and a half class about writing queries.
  • Taught an hour and a half class about accounting for corporate bond issues.
  • Graded projects while eating a Fage 2% with Honey yogurt thing. I almost threw it away because it was weird. But then it got a bit warmer and blended and then I liked it...but maybe not 4 points liked it. I added some Corn Flakes. Did you know that Kellogg's Corn Flakes contain high fructose corn syrup? Yeah, I didn't either.
  • Came home.
  • Made HOMEmade salsa/pico. Tomatoes, red onion, homegrown jalapeno/serrano/habanero peppers, fresh corn, black beans, garlic, cilantro, salt/pepper, red wine vinegar. DAMN it is good. and fresh. and delicious.

Now I am waiting for Mr. P to get home from his run, and we are going to eat the salsa/pico stuff on corn tortillas with some refried beans and a bit of 2% cheese. We have 8 days left in this house, and it can't happen soon.enough.

OH.MY.GOD. I have the Bachelorette on and I think one of the dudes got a tattoo with her name on it....what the hell man??? psych.o.

How was your Monday?

EDITED TO ADD: My iPod had died, and when I charged it the date/time was funky, so it logged my run at May 5, so it isn't showing up with my Nike girl. My next run (Wednesday) will be there.


creative kerfuffle said...

reading your post made me tired. i think it's because of the heat. i swear to god it is too hot to do anything outside. even the pool water feels like a bath tub. this is the reason i hate summer. i want to see pics of your baby cukes : ) i have harvested 3 cukes so far, i should take pics. they look like pickles.

Jen L. said...

Wowza, that's quite a day! Dean and I started swimming lessons this morning, then I came home all energized and shit, so I did laundry and baked blueberry muffins. I taught arts management class (around my kitchen table--it's an independent study!), then labeled stuff for my yard sale. After dinner, we went to the park. Am about to collapse.

I want your salsa.

Kate said...

I hate how gyms want to screw you. Especially when they've been so friendly and NIIICCCEEEE. And then they turn into demons when you tell them you're done.

Penny said...

I just think of Chandler who wanted to quit the gym.

Let us know if you guys need help this weekend, we'll be around.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You just need to bite the bullet, quit the gym today and be glad you won't have to remind yourself in 3 weeks to do so!

kilax said...

I am happy you did not have too much pain during the run!

What is it about stretching and warming up that makes us NOT want to do it? I am the same way!

Alice said...

hmmmm homemade salsa!! send me some! :-)

Mallory said...


You should make Mr. P start lifting serious weights. Ooohhhh I love salsa...looks like you went all out with los HABANEROS. I like it spicy too. I can't stand it when people make mild salsa. In Texas we consider it a travesty.

Isabel's got some good salsa recommendations at Check out her work.

btw, you should get one of those wall chargers for your iPod.

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